Cuomo Gets His Own Billboard But It’s Not What He Hoped

A billboard erected by an Albany-area business owner, slammed Governor Andrew Cuomo for allowing thousands of nursing home deaths from COVID-19 has now gone to the next level. The sign now calls for the Governor’s immediate resignation after being caught up in a storm of sexual harassment allegations.

Brian Olesen, owner of the gun shop American Shooter Supply spoke with The Post recently. He told them his sign read “Impeach!” as a critique of the governors mishandling of coronavirus which resulted in the deaths of 15,000 people in long-term care and nursing homes. 

On Monday, Olesen changed the sign to read “Resign Now!” paired with an image of Cuomo’s face.

He explained to The Post that he believes New York residents are aware of the “urgency” of the situation and listed the faults of the governor as being a known “liar”, “bully” and “sexual predator.”

While Governor Cuomo denied that anything physical ever occurred, he apologized for comments he’d made in the workplace, feigning that he didn’t realize his “jokes” had crossed a line.

The billboard sits along highway 787, near the exit which leads to the state Capitol Building where the governor works.

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