Cuomo Caught In Outrageous Voter-Fraud Lie

It’s a funny thing, but Democrats have complained about voter fraud nearly every year until now. Obama was quick to talk about it, saying that Republicans try to “steal” elections from minorities. Democrats for a very long time have raised the alarm about possible fraud, hoping it would motivate their base to get out and vote.

Yet this year, despite the mountain of evidence of irregularities and problems, the media and left are united in claiming there was not a single instance of fraud.

We know how unlikely that is. There has never been an operation in the history of humanity with a 100% success rate. Even in a fair election, there are stories of attempts at fraud and other problems. So, why is it that the media is so determined to convince us nothing problematic occurred?

In fact, drama queen Chris Cuomo, who has more in common with an actor than an actual newsman, is trying very hard to deny reality.

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo Tuesday on his show “Cuomo Prime Time” accused President Donald Trump of “lying his ass off” about fraud in the 2020 presidential election…

Cuomo said, “…the system has withstood a president lying his ass off about things that went wrong with no proof. You know, that’s a big hammer that he swings. And he’s got an entire half of the political system saying nothing no matter how far afield his claims. That’s a lot to withstand, but so far the courts have stood to be blind to anything but law and fact.” [Source: Breitbart]

Many people have accused the media elite of living in a “bubble,” unable to see what’s really going on in the real world. But today, we have to amend that statement. The media elite know what’s going on in the real world, they are just doing their darndest to deny it.

How can a reporter claim there is “no proof” of fraud—when an idiot like me has seen countless, credible accounts? Dozens of people have signed affidavits they witnessed fraud in Michigan—they could go to jail if they are lying. We’ve seen video of ballot counters boarding up windows so the public didn’t know what they were up to. Many people can go online and find out their votes haven’t even been counted yet—in states that have “called” their races.

But no, Trump is the one lying his ass off.

This actually quite refreshing. The media likes to pretend it’s in control. But it’s clear that, right now, they are drunk at the wheel. They prematurely pushed a bogus narrative of Biden’s victory. And now they get to watch as reports, court battles, and challenges prove they are nothing but liars.

Cuomo is making such bold statements, not because he’s right, but because he’s getting desperate. When an army is losing a war, they spread the wildest propaganda possible, out of fear they’ll lose the public’s support. But they fail anyway, as the victorious army kicks their butts.

Is that what’s happening with the liberal media elite? I’ll let you decide.

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