Cruz Puts Congress on Blast After Border Visit: ‘Stop the Political Posturing and Solve the Problem’

By Shaun Hair July 2nd, 2019 | Image Source: The Right Scoop

Senator Ted Cruz recently traveled to the Rio Grande Valley sector to observe firsthand what is happening at the border.

What Cruz saw infuriated him.

When he finished his visit, Cruz spoke out about the tactics being used to delay help that ultimately costs lives.

“A lot of politicians like to talk about their enormous compassion, their enormous virtue,” Cruz said. “Let me tell you, nobody who is compassionate, nobody who is virtuous, nobody who gives a d— about human beings, would want even a single day to perpetuate these loopholes and put more children in harm’s way.”

It’s no secret that the delay, delay, delay tactics used by the left have come at a cost for immigrants in need of assistance.

The left has chosen to use the crisis at the border to frame political attacks against President Donald Trump rather than vote in favor of aid.

They continued their tactics until they could hold off no longer, and finally, after voting against humanitarian border aid 17 times, they caved.

But they got what they wanted — months of sound bites and media exposure blaming Trump for border separations and living conditions.

But the Democrats’ heartless strategy did not go unnoticed by Rep. Dan Crenshaw. He posted a video that now has over 150,000 views explaining exactly why the delay occurred.

Cruz agrees with Crenshaw’s assessment.

“We ought to be angry,” Cruz said. “We ought to be angry at politicians who wash their hands of this problem.”

Cruz’s anger was not without a specific warning. He gave a direct challenge those who would use delay as a tactic at the expense of children.

“It is time to end this crisis, and the only way we’ll end this crisis is for congress to stop the political posturing and solve the problem,” Cruz said. “Close the loopholes so children are not subject to exploitation like they are now.”

Cruz is absolutely right.

It is time to end the obstruction. Congress must stop playing games with peoples’ lives and our security.

Border reform is compassionate to everyone. Don’t believe the liars who tell you differently.

Author: Shaun Hair

Source: Western Journal: Cruz Puts Congress on Blast After Border Visit: ‘Stop the Political Posturing and Solve the Problem’

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