Cowardly Prime Minister Flees Trucker Protest, Catches China Virus

The latest news out of Canada is another giant reminder to pay attention to life’s synchronicities, or the small similarities, ‘ah-ha’ moments, and hypocrisy which seems to define the behavior of most liberal leaders today.
A battalion of truck drivers have gathered together in protest of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s vaccine mandate, which requires all Canadians to get the shot or remain in solitary confinement. The protest has remained peaceful, orderly, and has demonstrated in an extremely moving way the power within us all to stand up against government atrocities.
Liberals have wholly misrepresented the protest, including Trudeau, using smears typical of the left: “anti-science,” “racist,” “white supremacist,” the list is all too familiar.
However, by the grace of god, those of us on the side of Good were granted with a piece of news that made the historic Freedom Convoy that much more heartwarming.

On Monday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced he has contracted coronavirus. The revelation came barely 24-hours after he and his family left their home in Ottawa for a secret location, citing security concerns as massive trucker convoys surged into the capital to protest vaccine mandates.

Trudeau is vaccinated and boosted.

In other words, the liberal politician constantly squawking about “the science” behind vaccines; the cowardly man who fled his nation’s capitol to escape the growing protest; the buffoon who dares call protestors a disgrace to “science”; is proving once and for all that vaccine mandates are worth fighting against.

He has been in isolation since last Wednesday when he said that he’d had a positive contact.

Last week, Trudeau dismissed the convoys of truck drivers as angry, isolated loners on the fringe of society.

Trudeau commented on the “Freedom Convoy” at a press conference on Wednesday evening claiming the protest represented the views of a “small fringe minority.” 


Does this appear to be a “small fringe minority?”

He spoke even as convoy members were able to raise millions of dollars to aid their cause and fight the government’s coronavirus vaccine mandates.

On Sunday, photos and video poured swamped social media revealing the truckers forming in protest at the country’s vaccine mandate had a tremendous amount of support from Canadians of all walks of life.

Thousands of those supporters took to the nation’s frozen streets well into the dark of night in solidarity with the grass roots movement.

God bless the truckers!

Author: Asa McCue