Cops Around The Nation Flee To The ‘Last Safe Place’ In America

Joe Biden’s national vaccine mandate might not have taken off yet. But numerous blue states have tried to push mandates of their own. We’ve seen the devastation New York’s mandate for the medical industry has caused. Thousands of workers have left the field, creating a staffing crisis in hospitals and care facilities.

But the stupidity has not been resigned just to leftist New York. Democrat-run states have issued a variety of vaccine mandates for government workers. In some states, police departments are being forced to require their officers to get the jab, despite their personal misgivings. In Washington, the liberal governor has faced intense backlash for threatening termination to police that refuse to get vaccinated.

That has led to many cops leaving the force. It seems Washington’s loss has become other states’ gain, as fleeing cops seek work in states that value liberty.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety is in the process of issuing several new badges to former Washingtonians and reviewing dozens of applications as the northwest state begins firing officers for refusing a COVID-19 vaccination.

The new officers are leaving Washington as Gov. Jay Inslee’s vaccination mandate takes effect…

Inslee set Oct. 18 as the deadline for state employees, K-12 staff and public university employees to be vaccinated. Leaked emails showed virtually all requests for a religious exemption were denied…

WSP told Fox 13 Seattle that 67 troopers, six sergeants and one captain were terminated…

Arizona law forbids most public entities from requiring vaccination as a condition of employment. [Source: Just the News]

In what appears to have been a stroke of genius, a media relations specialist with Arizona’s DPS went to Washington to recruit police officers. It seems just as Washington State was hammering cops over a vaccine mandate, Arizona was encouraging them to come to greener pastures. Arizona law prevents their governor (or anyone else) from requiring vaccination for work.

It seems their pitch is paying off. Several officers have already been issued badges to become state police and dozens more are in the application process.

This comes at a critical time for Arizona, a border state that faces a surge of illegal immigration thanks to Biden’s border crisis. But it will surely hurt Washington, a state full of far-left activists keen on rioting every few months.

Seattle and other left-leaning cities have pushed the defund police movement. Already, they’ve seen a drop in officers and an increase in crime. At the very worst time, Gov. Inslee pushed a foolish mandate, ensuring even more cops would be fired. Did he do that on purpose? Does he want crime to surge in his state?

If he did, he couldn’t have done a better job. Cops are leaving Washington, but not quitting the force. They are finding better jobs and better opportunity in other states.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this trend continues. As cops leave hostile blue states, they might end up serving in Arizona, Texas, and Florida.

Author: Peter Jones