Congressmen Reveals How Every State Is Now a ‘Border State’

It’s very likely that Democrats in D.C.—and all over the country—aren’t truly concerned about the growing border crisis. Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens have flooded the country since January. And there is no end in sight.

States like Texas and Arizona are feeling the brunt of the crisis. Democrats from these states are forced to face the reality. They are even calling out Joe Biden and Harris, demanding that they find a solution. Good luck with that.

Liberals in other states, including voters, might not care about the problem because it seems so far away. After all, D.C. is thousands of miles from the border. It’s not as if the crisis is going to hurt them. Even less of chance in places up the East Coast and New England, right? Wrong.

And one Republican is explaining just how bad it’s getting.

Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-TX) argued that “every city and every state is a border city and border state,” because of drug trafficking and the movement of migrants all across the country…

Gonzales said, “I’d argue that every city and every state is a border city and border state, whether that’s the fentanyl and the drugs that are coming over, whether that’s the over 800,000 illegal immigrants that are having to be displaced and sent all over the country, or whether that’s the 80,000 unaccompanied children. They’re not just — they’re not staying in Texas. They are literally going to all 50 states.” [Source: Breitbart]

Democrat voters are very good at putting up blinders, ignoring the many sins their elected officials commit. That’s especially true for this border crisis (and why Biden and Harris refuse to go to the border). They think that, if they can’t see it, it won’t affect them.

They are wrong, dead wrong. As Gonzales explained, this border crisis has turned every state into a border state. Just the drug trafficking alone will impact every corner of the country. Millions of dollars’ worth of deadly drugs have been caught. How much made it into the country? Enough drugs are being snuck in to kill millions of Americans. That’s not just something Texas should be worried about.

On top of that, Biden is trying to quietly move illegals from the border to states all over the map. He is desperate to distribute these new voters—I mean, innocent asylum-seekers—to places he assumes they can cause the most damage. These illegal aliens will be a burden to the health care, education, and employment systems of every state.

So don’t tell us this is only a problem for Texas and Arizona. Every state is going to feel the effects of Biden’s deliberately-created crisis. And these affects will hit overnight and take years to overcome.

We know the solution: secure the border, deport illegals, make sure the world knows we are not a doormat.

But we also know Joe Biden will never do that. He and his party have too much to gain by destroying America through illegal immigration.

The only solution is to remove these clowns from office.

Author: James Smith