Communist China Pushes Anti-US Propaganda On July 4th

The weakness of the Biden administration has resulted in a massive shift in the way the Communist China regime believes they can treat America, especially on the day we celebrated our independence.

The Chinese propaganda machine was working in full capacity while Americans were celebrating July 4th this weekend. The Chinese-backed Global times published an editorial tiled “US celebrates Fourth of July amid uncertainties, anxiety,”

The author critisized America’s vocisferously, particularly regarding our response to the COVID-19 pandemic, saying “America celebrates as about 12,000 new cases of the coronavirus spread with 200 people dead in just a single day.”

While propaganda of this nature has also come from the Chinese regime, since Biden’s softening policies on the nation, the efforts to take down in America in the press have ramped up.

The editorial goes on to criticize President Joe Biden for holding the party for essential workers and military families while the recovery efforts continue in Surfside, Fla., to find victims of the collapsed condominium.

“The country enters a season of joy spearheaded by the president when it is not even conformed [sic] whether the missing are alive.”

“The Biden administration has been desperately searching for US achievements today like trying to sift bronze from a pile of dirt,” the Times editorial reads. “However, the US is facing many uncertainties on the arrival of Independence Day.”

The propaganda didn’t stop with just one editorial.

Supporters of the Communist regime sardonically mocked the United States in a series of tweets implying that America is a racist and poor country.

We can expect the Chinese propaganda machine to increase as the Biden administration continues to soften on the Communist regime. There’s been little pressure placed on China by the U.S. to uncover the origins of the COVID-19 virus and their infiltration of American institutions. We even have a Democrat lawmaker publicly affiliated with known Chinese spies without any repercussions from leaders of his own party.

Author: Asa McCue