Coming To a Neighborhood Near You: COVID Passports Now Official

While most conservative states started lifting their COVID lockdown orders sometime last year, Democrat-run states are only now coming into the clear. Of course, a major turning point in putting COVID in our rearview mirrors has been vaccines reaching critical mass among citizens.

The CDC stated last month that fully vaccinated people no longer need to wear masks and socially distance. This was refreshing news, even if it did contradict what they had previously said (as well as what so-called expert Fauci has repeatedly said). But if being vaccinated means we can return to “normal,” how do states make sure those walking around maskless are actually vaccinated?

The White House considered implementing some form of vaccine passport—a system that would force Americans to carrying around proof of being vaccinated. Those with passports could resume normal life. Those without? Well, let’s just say they would be considered second-class citizens.

That kind of discrimination, obviously objectionable, was rejected even by Joe Biden. But guess what—California decided to embrace it.

Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsom discussed the rollout of an upcoming “vaccine verification” system as the state moves to change its COVID-19 restrictions guidance this week…

Last week, Newsom said that the state is close to putting out an electronic system that will let businesses verify that patrons have been vaccinated against COVID-19, as reported by The San Diego Union-Tribune…

“It’s not a passport, it’s not a requirement, it’s just the ability now to have an electronic version of that paper version, so you’ll hear more about that in the next couple of days,” he reiterated. [Source: Daily Wire]

You heard the man, it’s not a passport, it’s just a passport! California will implement a system that will allow businesses to require customers to show proof of vaccination before entering. Also known as a vaccine passport.

Newsom is trying to get around that term by claiming it’s a “electronic” version of the card people get when they are vaccinated. Which only means they won’t have to carry around the card, but they will have to still show proof they are vaccinated.

This system will empower businesses to reject people, denying them goods and services, over the vaccination. The very thing many Americans are upset about.

There are plenty of reasons why someone would not want to be vaccinated. Does that mean they should be treated worse than someone who is?

And, once again, this is proof that California—and other Democrat-run states—aren’t really giving back their residents’ freedoms. This is a conditional return to normal, one where you can only be a free American, if you agree to getting a shot.

Reports indicate that California is lifting most of its COVID restrictions (for the vaccinated), but Newsom refuses to give up his emergency powers. You know, those powers that let him make sweeping changes to the state without approval from the legislation. What does that make him? Oh yeah, a dictator.

California might not get its freedom back until this clown is out of office.

Author: Alexander Graham