CNN Presses Secretary of State to ‘Pick a Side’ Over Russian Invasion

It’s safe to say Americans are frustrated over the Russian invasion of Ukraine. For nearly two weeks now, Putin’s forces have marched into the sovereign nation, capturing cities and displacing millions. Yet the leaders of the world have done little besides complain. Worst of all has been our own country’s response. After basically giving Putin a green light to invade in January, all Joe Biden has done was talk big about how wrong Russia is.

But the only “solutions” Biden has offered has been sanctions that for some reason are hurting Americans more than Russia.

The conflict was escalated tremendously when Russian forces captured a nuclear power plant. Experts fear what might come of this development, with some plant workers warning that Russia is rigging it to blow. The U.S. Embassy called the move a war crime. But Secretary of State Blinken’s office told other embassies not to retweet the post. So, CNN grilled the so-called leader.

CNN anchor Jake Tapper pressed Secretary of State Antony Blinken to state definitively whether or not the United States had seen evidence that Russia was committing war crimes as the invasion of Ukraine continued for a second week…

“The State Department told other embassies around the world to not retweet it which is a confusing step. Has the U.S. seen evidence that Russia is committing war crimes or not?” he asked…

“What we’re doing right now is documenting all this, putting it all together, looking at it and making sure that as people and the appropriate organizations and institutions investigate whether war crimes have been or are being committed, that we can support whatever they’re doing.” [Source: Daily Wire]

It’s sad to say that, at this point, CNN is showing more decisive leadership than the White House. Jake Tapper grilled Blinken, demanding if Russia has committed war crimes. And why his office ordered embassies not to repost a tweet. Blinken, as is typical with this weak and worthless administration, refused to give a straight answer.

He admitted he had “credible reports” of Russia deliberately attacking civilians, which is a violation of international agreements and can constitute war crimes. Yet in the same breath, this political appointee claimed they are just “documenting” it all. Yes, I’m sure the families dying in Ukraine right now can take comfort in knowing Blinken has a memo about it.

What kind of cowards are running the White House? Putin has violated treaties to stomp all over Ukraine. He is displacing millions, attacking civilians, and is threatening to blow up a nuclear planet—which would endanger all of Europe. Yet Blinken can’t even say if Russia is committing war crimes, out of fear of what Putin might think.

Remember when he had leaders that actually led? Not pussy-foot around, worried about what how it would look?

Author: Bo Dogan