Clinton Announces Her 2020 Plans, Trump Immediately Responds

Image Source: The Bearded Patriot

As the 2020 race begins to heat up, many have speculated over Hillary Clinton’s plans. After trying twice to win the White House, will she try for a third time? Recent appearances suggest that the former First Lady might throw her hat in the ring.

Now, the former candidate has made her official announcement.

Trump was on hand for a response.

Way back in 2008, Hillary Clinton ran for president. She didn’t even make it to the General Election, as the left steamrolled her in their support of Barack Obama. Seems like Democrats were willing to support anyone—even an untested liberal from Hawaii—over her.

She tried again in 2016, this time rigging the stakes. Clinton made sure nobody in the party could take the nomination from her. And she was successful. Even with Bernie Sanders’ surprise Millennial support, Clinton clinched the Democratic nomination.

And was humiliated by Donald Trump in the General Election.

Now 2020 is around the corner. I’m sure more than a few diehard liberals would like to see the aging Clinton jump back into the ring once more. Why not? It’s not like she disgraced our democratic process by stealing the nomination, then released a fake dossier in the hopes of slandering her Republican opponent.

Oh wait, she did both those things.

There are more than a few Democrats who would just the Clinton’s to go away. And it seems like they’ll be getting their wish.

Hillary Clinton said on Monday that she “can’t imagine” running for president again.

On Tina Brown’s “TBD” podcast, Brown asked Clinton if there was any circumstance that could cause her to change her mind and seek a rematch against President Donald Trump. Clinton responded: “I can’t imagine that, no.” [Source: Breitbart]

You got off easy, lady. The FBI was knocking at your door over your little illegal, private email scandal. Want to tempt fate, yet again? I’m sure Hillary knows that if she tried to run for president again, far too much attention would be put on her personal dealings.

She already got off scot free—to the outrage of many patriots. I doubt that would happen again, in a rematch against a sitting president.

But it seems like there are a few Americans disappointed that she won’t be running. Including the president himself!

“(Crooked) Hillary Clinton confirms she will not run in 2020, rules out a third bid for White House.” Aw-shucks, does that mean I won’t get to run against her again? She will be sorely missed! [Source: Twitter]

I can only imagine what a second match-up between Donald and Hillary would look like. It would be a bloodbath, to say the least.

Despite having almost 100% support from the liberal media, the backing of Barack Obama, and an estimated $2 billion in her campaign—Hillary Clinton still lost to a man with zero political experience.

Donald Trump was able to destroy Hillary Clinton, largely thanks to his skill at connecting with regular people. The billionaire was able to inspire millions of Americans to take back their country from the corrupt elitists.

Hillary Clinton is one of those elitists. She had no way of connecting with regular Americans. In fact, she seemed to despise us. Her own staff even admitted that much (as we learned thanks to leaked emails).

A second match-up would be no different. Donald Trump has been winning again and again for the American people. We are seeing record numbers in employment, wages, and the economy. Trump has made good on nearly every last promise.

Meanwhile, Clinton has spent the last three years blaming others for her loses. Most recently, she claimed voter ID laws prevented her from winning Wisconsin.

Or maybe it was because you didn’t bother to visit the state once during the General Election, Hillary. Just saying.

With Hillary out of the picture, Democrats are pinning their hopes on an ever-growing number of far-left candidates. Most of the people vying for the nomination are self-proclaimed socialists or social justice warriors. They abuse identity politics to get an upper hand. None of them seem to care about the problems regular Americans faces.

Maybe they should all follow Hillary’s lead.

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