Climate Czar Says Human Rights Abuses Aren’t As Important As ‘Global Warming’

Time and again, we’ve seen the Biden administration’s priorities are way off. Unlike the previous administration, it seems the very last thing they care about is Americans or other lives. Biden has ignored our border laws, the economy, rising crime, and the concerns of our allies. All to push a radical agenda.

We all know what Biden and his handlers are after. Regardless of the damage it causes, they will push their socialist goals onto the country. Not because that’s the right thing to do, but because it will make the rich richer and working Americans poorer. That even includes their climate agenda, which puts burdens on small businesses, making it harder for them to thrive.

Perhaps that’s why someone like John Kerry, a former senator and Secretary of State, is getting so chummy with China. He is even ignoring the fact China abuses its own people, in order to push “climate change.”

During an interview with Bloomberg on Wednesday, Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry responded to a question on how the U.S. trades off human rights concerns with concerns about climate change with China by stating that “life is always full of tough choices” and “first and foremost, this planet must be protected.”

“Yes, we have issues, a number of different issues. But first and foremost, this planet must be protected. We all need to do that for our people.” [Source: Breitbart]

Oh, yes. Forget that China is beating and imprisoning Hong Kong protesters. Just don’t worry about China forcing their Muslim minorities onto trains to take them to concentration camps. Don’t even think about how they subject billions of their own people to inhumane conditions in sweatshops. And let’s just pretend that this entire nation is denied basic freedoms like the right to worship God or the freedom of speech.

It’s much more important that we get a commitment from China to make more solar panels!

Clown of a man John Kerry claims we have to make “tough choices” in order to put the lie of climate change first. “This planet must be protected,” he claims. That is more important than China literally killing its people. Yet we know this has nothing to do with “protecting” the earth, but pushing a radical agenda that denies Americans of liberty and makes big businesses richer.

The reporter directly addressed some of the evils China has committed, like their treatment of the Uyghur population. Kerry sidesteps that entirely, giving a pathetic story about Ronald Reagan during the Cold War. He is really trying to justify his allowing of human rights abuses by comparing himself to Reagan.

Except Reagan called out the Soviet Union and gave them no quarter. He demanded they end their evil ways, even tearing down the Berlin Wall. Thanks to Reagan, the Soviet Union ended and Russia changed for the better.

That’s certainly not what Biden or Kerry are doing. If they had it their way, China could carpet bomb their own country, as long as it agreed to be more “green.”

Author: John Anderson