Christmas Cancelled? Fauci Crashes Everyone’s Holiday Plans

Another year, another attack on holiday traditions by Dr. Fauci.

Biden’s chief medical adviser – and highest paid federal employee – truly believes he holds the power to deter Americans from celebrating Christmas this year in a country currently drowning in vaccines. Instead of applauding family traditions and encouraging us to celebrate during the holiday season, Fauci upholds his usual doom and gloom messaging in an effort to maintain total power.

While he hasn’t yet explicitly told the American people not to gather for Christmas, ‘America’s Favorite Doctor’ believes it is “too soon to tell” if people should avoid gathering for for the holidays this year as we remain in a pandemic.

Remember “two weeks to flatten the curve”?

Instead of giving his holiday advice, Fauci believes we must continue concentrating on “getting those numbers down.” Whatever that means. For such a supposed pro-science guy, it always appears that Fauci rattles off useless “facts” and one liners as he makes the rounds of every Fake News network.

Lest we forget, this isn’t the first time Dr. Fauci has tried to prevent Americans from celebrating the holidays with their families.

Last year the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in tandem with Fauci’s NIH, said Americans should not travel for Christmas as cases were at that time reaching record highs, and experts recommended that parties or any sort of gathering were not a good idea.

The vaccine was limited to high-risk individuals, while now some 65% of the eligible U.S. population is vaccinated.

Fauci proceeded to look back at a time in history when cases of widespread illnesses flared up after a brief period of reprieve. Fauci insisted that “the one thing that we don’t want to do is that we don’t want to become complacent… because if you look at the history of the different surges we’ve had, it’s come up, start to come down and then all of a sudden boom, come back up again.”

However, any history buff would be hard pressed to find a time in history when the federal government aimed for this level of tyrannical control in response to a virus or any other form of widespread illness.

Regarding the controversy over whether there should be a vaccine requirement for schools, Fauci said this “is not a new novel thing that is very peculiar or specific to COVID-19. We’ve been doing this for decades.”

Regardless if something has been done for decades, doesn’t necessarily make it right.

And, again, the lack of controversy over other forms of vaccines may be because they took years to perfect using stringent testing requirements and resulted in little or no fatalities — unlike the barely-tested COVID vaccine.

So when Fauci recalls “[his] own children could not have gone to school if they had not gotten vaccinated with the measles, mumps and rubella,” to justify mandated COVID vaccines in schools for teachers and students, well that’s a completely different story.

Fauci also touched on a new pill from Merck that the company said could reduce the chances of hospitalization if someone gets COVID.

Even that medical miracle wasn’t enough to squeeze out one ounce of optimism from ‘America’s Favorite Doctor.’

He cautioned: “what I won’t want people to be doing is to saying, well, now that we have a drug, we don’t need to get vaccinated.”

America’s blind trust in Dr. Fauci is waning – and he knows it. People can finally see him for the quack that he is. And not just a harmless quack either, but one that colludes with foreign Communist governments then lies about to Congress. Fauci must be expelled from public, especially since none of the medical advice he’s given seems to work.