Children’s Union Emerges After Teachers Refuse To Work

We all have heard about the detrimental damage lockdowns have done to children. Without a second thought, leaders across the country shut down public schools way back in Spring 2020. Very soon, though, we discovered that keeping kids cooped up inside, with no education or outlet, was a terrible thing (imagine that!).

Many states worked quickly to reopen schools last Fall. In some states, children returned to a somewhat regular routine. But many states, run by corrupted teachers’ unions, did not reopen their schools. Students are forced to sit through an hour or so of class online, they are left with nothing for the rest of the day. Not only are their educations suffering, but so are their extra-curricular interests, friendships, and mental well-being.

But do teachers’ unions care? Absolutely not. These organizations have, for decades, but the selfish interests of teachers ahead of the very people they are supposed to care about. And the facts don’t lie. The lockdowns have been devastating for America’s youth. We don’t fully know the consequences of having schools shut down indefinitely.

Now, a Republican congressman is calling for a novel solution.

“Maybe you need a children’s union to compete with the teachers union, because the children need to be represented,” Scalise said during an interview on the John Solomon Reports podcast.

“So many millions of children right now are being denied future opportunity because their local union is standing in the way of those parents being able to send their kids back to school safely,” the no. 2 House Republican said. “And it can be done. The guidance and the science is there. The will needs to be there too.” [Source: Just the News]

As unusual as a “children’s union” might sound, it just might be the thing that’s needed. The only reason millions of children are still without a real education, is because a small group of corrupt union leaders says “no.”

They aren’t looking out for the kids, but themselves. Despite the fact study after study has shown a dramatically low chance of spreading the disease in classes, these unions are holding out. The reason is obvious, they want to coerce school systems, cities, and states for more money and benefits.

We’ve seen this in other sectors as well. Many crooked people have seen COVID—a disease that has taken the lives of thousands and upended all our lives—as a cash cow. Teachers’ unions want to milk this for as much as they can. When was the last time they had this kind of leverage? But it’s coming at the expense of our children.

Facts don’t lie. Children are suffering from an unprecedented wave of mental health decline. Some are facing spikes in familial abuse. Others can’t get three meals a day. They are falling behind in their educations and will be at a huge disadvantage in the future.

But no, teachers should be holding out for more vacation time!

If teachers can unite and cause so much trouble, why can’t families unite to fix the situation? Why aren’t children’s needs being represented in this fight? School boards aren’t doing it. Teachers certainly aren’t.

But someone has to.

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