Check Out How Real Americans Welcome Joe Biden To Their Town

Let’s face it: there isn’t a single demographic remaining who confess their support or adoration for Joe Biden; it simply doesn’t exist.

The entire country, save for a vocal minority of neoliberal coastal elites, despise the cognitively deficient president after his policies have proven to be a detriment to our country. Day after day, the American people are slapped with the news that one of Biden’s decisions has caused some form of chaos, devastation or destruction.

To make matters even more unbearable, the entirety of America’s mainstream media structure seems hellbent on transforming into a soviet-era propaganda machine unwilling to report on what was once called facts, which is now a term ‘woke’ libtards believe is synonymous with white supremacy. Brimming with insidious leftism and open anti-white hatred, the Biden administration demands gleaming coverage from from a manipulative media machine — or else.

Such was the case last week when reports emerged of White House officials secretly meeting with network executives to discuss economic coverage of the Biden administration, which they believe to be unfair, knowing full well that a majority of Trump’s support is based on his economic policies.

Last week a natural disaster struck in the great state of Kentucky and, despite ignoring the Christmas parade victims in Wisconsin, Biden decided it was best to pay the deep Red state a visit.

The mentally damaged president was greeted with “Let’s go, Brandon!” chants in Kentucky as he arrived to view the damage caused by last week’s deadly tornadoes.

As Biden exited his motorcade in Mayfield, Kentucky, two people shouted “Let’s go Brandon!” according to reporters on the scene.

The phrase “Let’s go, Brandon!” has become something of a code for opponents of the president to express a “F**k Joe Biden” sentiment, after a reporter misinterpreted the phrase at an October NASCAR race.

Earlier in the day, Biden spoke at a briefing from local leaders in Kentucky about the storm damage.

He pulled his coronavirus mask under his chin to speak, reminding leaders of the importance to come together to help the community rebuild.

Biden used this opportunity to bridge a gap of unity between the Left and the Right, saying “there are no red or blue states when a disaster like this occurs.”

Thank you Joe for that glowing wisdom!

Author: Sebastian Hayworth