Catholic Leaders Turn On Liberal City – Urge Followers To Fight Back

In the wake of the COVID panic, California threw out the First Amendment. To this day, religious people are not allowed to practice the fundamental right to assemble for worship. Some churches have been defying the orders for months, facing criminal charges and persecution. Now, the Catholic archbishop of San Francisco is finally saying, “enough is enough.”

Want to wonder why Democrats across the country shut down churches during COVID? It had nothing to do with “keeping people safe.” After all, many businesses stayed open, including liquor stores and abortion clinics. No, Democrats shut down churches and other religious gatherings because, in the end, they have zero respect for people of faith.

In times past, no elected official would have even thought of shutting down churches. When crisis hits the country, where do people turn first? On 9/11, I recall local churches being packed with people seeking help and guidance. Why should it be different now?

But Democrats consider faith in God non-essential. They went as far as to arrest, fine, and raid churches that dared to defy their orders. California might have been the worst. Even as most states have allowed churches to gather by now, Gov. Newsom continues to keep churches closed. In recent months, he even clamped further down on his First Amendment restrictions.

A few churches across the state fought back. Some face heavy fines and other charges. But now, the Catholic church is finally fighting back too.

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco is urging Catholics in his archdiocese to “Free the Mass” and publicly demonstrate against the coronavirus restrictions on worship that are inconsistent with rules applied to other non-religious activities in the city and county.

On Sunday, Cordileone sent a memorandum to the priests of his archdiocese regarding the reopening of churches for public Masses.

“We can’t be silent any longer,” Cordileone warned his priests. “We cannot simply stand by while our people are treated with this lack of compassion for their needs, and this lack of respect for their rights. I have therefore formed a strategy committee consisting of both chancery staff and others, both clergy and lay, to advise me on how we can best make our voice heard in a peaceful but forceful way.” [Source: Breitbart]

Public sentiment over COVID has changed dramatically since March/April. Most citizens are either no longer scared or are willing to face the risks to get back to normal life. Many think it’s unacceptable that many Democratic governors and mayors continue to punish their citizens with reckless lockdown rules, especially people of faith.

Archbishop Cordileone slammed the state for a “lack of compassion” and a “lack of respect” for religious people’s rights. He expressed outrage that his people are being treated so unfairly by a government that claims to care about them.

He went on to boldly say, “the civil government has no right to dictate to the Church whether or not it may ‘allow’ worship or not.” That is something every person of faith should agree on. Who gave Newsom, or any leader, the right to dictate how Americans can worship?

The Constitution makes it very clear that our government does not have the power to restrict the “free exercise” of our faith. That includes setting limits on how many people can attend Mass or any other service.

“Free the Mass” demonstrations will be held in San Francisco by Catholics demanding the restrictions end. They will be celebrating Mass outdoors, despite the state and city’s restrictions. They might be met with the same kind of resistance other California residents have faced. But with enough civil disobedience, the tide will certainly turn.

Next step: getting rid of every leader that dared to violent our most sacred rights.

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