Watching 45

At The Bearded Patriot, we believe in former President Donald J. Trump’s vision for a great America. As dedicated patriots, we align with President Trump’s policies and stance on keeping this nation strong.

We’ll cover relevant news about President Trump’s activities and involvement in the American political landscape moving forward. If you’re looking for regular updates on the forty-fifth U.S. President, you can find them here.

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Biden Stays Tight-Lipped On Disturbing Immigration Facts

Are you paying attention yet? This week, the Department of Homeland Security attempted to ease concerns many Americans have about the number of illegal immigrants...

Collusion: Big Pharma CEO Reveals Who’s Really In Charge

If you needed any more proof that corporate CEOs - whether they be pharmaceutical, tech, or finance - are tyrannical overlords who are actually...

Psaki Hits Peak Stupidity With Latest Trump Blame Game

Who does Jen Psaki think she's fooling? Joe Biden's Eva Braun and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki white-knuckled through another press conference on Thursday...