Capitol Protest Witnesses Destroy Leftist Narratives

Congress held its first major hearing on the Capitol protests on Tuesday in an effort to further condemn Trump despite his Senate acquittal earlier this month. 

Witnesses of the Jan. 6 event gave blistering testimony, completely contradicting the Democrats’ narrative surrounding the ordeal. Democrat impeachment managers routinely accused Trump of leading a premeditated, planned riot on our nation’s Capitol to rightfully disturb the official certification of Biden’s electoral victory. The witness testimony just eviscerated that theory.

The hearing, held by joint House and Senate committees, featured Paul D. Irving , Michael C. Stenger and Steven A. Sund – the men responsible for protecting the Senate, the House, and head of Capitol police. All three resigned after the riot. Also testifying was Robert J. Contee III of the D.C. Metro Police as well as police Captain Carneysha Mendoza, who suffered from facial burns and a near-broken arm attempting to defend the Capitol on Jan. 6. 

“We planned for an increased level of potentially violent activity based on the intelligence we received,” Sund testified, “but none of our intelligence predicted was actually occurred that day.”

He later added: “No law enforcement agency, FBI included, provided any new intelligence regarding January 6th.” As a result, capitol police were prepared for increased violence but never a full-fledged attack on the Capitol.

The witnesses testimony further disparaged Democrat impeachment accusations against former president Trump. With one witness clearly stating, “No law enforcement agency assessed or identified a coordinated assault on the Capitol like the one that took place.” 

Witnesses said that the attack on the Capitol was well-coordinated and well-equipped, with clear advance planning.

The protest began 20 minutes before President Trump finished his speech about the election, more than a mile away at the Ellipse.

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