California Tried to Stop Trump 2020 Voters–But Federal Judge Had Another Opinion

California Democrats pulled yet another moved to stop Trump from winning the 2020 Election.

Their governor signed a law that would have prevented the president from appearing on state primary ballots. Unless he forked over his tax documents in exchange. The obvious stunt was a ransom, in order to give Democrats more dirt on Trump. But a California judge had a different opinion.

It’s pretty shocking to see what depths Democrats will go to stop Trump from winning. After nearly three years, all of America has seen what he’s done for our country. President Trump has made good on just about every campaign promise. A record zero presidents in the past can match.

Let’s list some of the things he’s accomplished in just two-and-a-half years. He’s slashed taxes for working Americans. He’s landed better trade deals with numerous countries. He’s brought manufacturing jobs back to the U.S. He’s killed bad regulation that hampered our energy production. He’s crushed ISIS. Oh, and he’s securing the border.

All that has amounted to one of the fastest turnarounds of our economy ever.

For this, the Democrats want him impeached and incarcerated. And they say he’s crazy?

The left has been spending the last three years—not working with the president—but looking for ways to hurt him. They have thrown one slander after another at him. All to either impeach him or turn Americans against him.

One of their oldest has been to dig up his tax returns. Tax returns are private documents. Nobody is allowed to see them unless you give them permission. Democrats have tried to bend the law to see Trump’s returns. Why? Because they’re convinced he somehow cheated the IRS—or paid less than the average American.

Because rich Democrats never pay less than the average person!

The state of California has gone too far when they passed a law that required candidates running for president to hand over five years of their tax returns. Or else, they wouldn’t show up on their own party’s primary ballot. A complete violation of our rights and democracy. It was a clear and sleazy attempt by radical Democrats to undermine or prevent Trump’s re-election.

Hey idiots! How about you stop worrying about Trump’s taxes and fix your homeless crisis!

But, even as the ink dried on the bill, a federal judge gave California some bad news.

A federal judge in California Thursday granted the Trump campaign’s request to block a new law that requires presidential and gubernatorial candidates to release five years of tax returns to run in the state’s primary elections.

The law signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, in July would have left the sitting president off of the ballot in California’s March 2020 primary unless he submitted five years’ worth of his tax returns by a Nov. 26 deadline…

“It remains our position that the law is unconstitutional because states are not permitted to add additional requirements for candidates for president, and that the law violated citizens’ 1st Amendment right of association.” [Source: Fox News]

Who do the Democrats think they are? They don’t like Trump, so they just decide to block him from running in their state?

This law was a clear abuse of power by Gavin Newsom and California Democrats. It was obviously aimed at Trump—to hurt his reputation and prevent him from winning.

Is that why Democrats were elected? To abuse their power to hurt political rivals? They claim to be the party of the people. Yet over the last few years, all they’ve done is try to undermine our president.

Even as liberals states fall into ruin, Democrats keep pushing pathetic attempts to find dirt on Trump. They neglect their own people, to chase after schemes that always fail.

At least this federal judge saw this law for what it was: a scam. The Democrats can’t hold ballots hostage in exchange for Trump’s taxes. The American people already proved we don’t care about them. We want a president who works for the American people.

What do the Democrats want? Gee, I don’t even know anymore.

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