California Is Hemorrhaging Residents – And Democrats Are Too Dumb To Figure Out Why

Do Americans even like Democrat politicians? Sure, come election time, celebrities and rich CEOs crow on and on about how great liberals are. But the hard truth is millions of American—after voting in these clowns—refuse to live under their totalitarian regimes.

That’s being seen front and center in the communist state of California. California enjoys a liberal supermajority in their state government. More than any other state, Democrats dominate the policy and law making processes. And last year, so many Americans fled the state that they lost a seat in Congress.

But guess what? This year has been even worse.

California saw the largest loss in domestic migration out of all 50 states this year…

This year, California lost nearly 367,300 residents via net migration, according to the report. In all, the state’s population shrunk by 0.7% between 2020 and 2021…

A report released earlier this month from the nonpartisan California Policy Lab revealed that the state is likely seeing population losses due to a sharp decline in people migrating to the state. According to the report, entrances to California dropped by 38% between March 2020 and September 2021, while exits increased by 12%.

Due to a loss of population, California will lose a Congressional seat for the first time in history. The state will now have 52 seats in the House of Representatives as opposed to 53. [Source: Just the News]

The exodus we saw last year from CA is only continuing. Americans are fleeing the heavy-tax, high regulation state—and are taking their small businesses and money with them. It’s no mystery why people are fleeing the once-Golden State, especially when you realize they are going to Texas and Florida.

Americans are sick and tired of Democrats’ terrible agenda. You can argue politics all day long, but at the end of the day, it’s about quality of life. And when your state is back to mandating masks, pushing vaccine passports, jacking up taxes and other expenses, while at the same time ignoring spikes in crime?

Yeah, it’s time to leave.

Unfortunately, liberal California lawmakers might not learn their lesson. California is still the most populous state by about 10 million people. I guess they have illegal immigrants to thank for that—ooh, am I allowed to say that?

It’s pretty bad, no matter what, that California is actually losing a seat in Congress over this exodus. Several Democrat states experienced the same fate last year. Meanwhile, Texas and other red states are gaining seats.

Reports coming out of Los Angeles and other areas reveal some folks aren’t even waiting to sell their houses. Even in wealthy areas, the homes are boarded up and abandoned, as former residents flee to greener pastures. That really tells you just how sick of this state people are.

Now, as long as they don’t bring those policies to the rest of the country, we’ll be just fine.

Author: Peter Maxwell