Border Law Enforcement Teams Up To Take Down Biden

For the first time in American history, local law enforcement agencies are teaming up with federal border agents from ICE to sue the President of the United States and his Department of Homeland Security.

A group of Texas sheriffs accompanied by federal ICE officers filed a lawsuit at a district courthouse in Galveston, Texas onThursday, marking the boldest coalition of state and federal border agents to take combat the policies of a sitting president.

The plaintiffs have highlighted three different federal statues the Biden administration has willfully ignored and violated. These statues require criminal illegal aliens to be detained and removed the United States immediately. In February, Defendant Alejandro Mayorkas issued a effectively prevented ICE officers from detaining or removing illegal aliens even though federal law mandates that those aliens must be detained and removed. In other words, a complete dereliction of duty.

The sheriffs and ICE officers are simply asking the federal district court to require the Biden Administration to follow the law and to allow the ICE officers to do their job.

Their legal complaint points out that ICE officers have requested permission to take custody of numerous dangerous illegal aliens but have been denied permission by their superiors under the Biden Administration policy. The crimes that those illegal aliens have committed include, among others: rape of a child, aggravated sexual assault on a child, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, larceny, burglary, domestic violence, carrying a prohibited weapon, possession of drugs, resisting a law enforcement officer, and driving under the influence. These are not minor crimes. And these are not harmless aliens.

Additionally, Biden’s DHS has resorted to freeing illegal immigrants straight into the U.S. interior without any repercussions or formal court dates in the U.S. immigration system. Under Trump, illegal aliens entering the U.S. illegally were detained, and if convicted of previous crimes, immediately deported. Joe Biden has thrown that policy out the window. As it stands, criminal aliens are allowed to roam freely in communities across the United States, being dropped off by planes paid for by the American taxpayer.

In effect, the Administration’s actions have forced ICE to stand down and have reduced deportations to a third of what they were a year ago. That has in turn fueled the crisis at the border, encouraging more illegal immigration. It has also created an unbearable burden for local law enforcement in Texas.

The sheriffs and ICE officers are seeking a nationwide injunction to allow them to follow the law, so that they can once again cooperate in detaining and removing criminal illegal aliens. It’s a shocking state of affairs when it now takes a lawsuit for law enforcement officers to be permitted to follow the law.

Author: Nolan Sheridan