Border Crisis Reaches Critical Mass With No End In Sight

The devolution of border safety and security has been rapid, intense, and devastating.

Border policies from the Trump administration have been reversed and destroyed, resulting in hundreds of thousands of illegal apprehensions, strained resourced, and a national security nightmare.

Little has been reported on the current state of Biden’s border crisis as other failures within the administration seem to take precedent with the Mainstream Media. Or could this be an attempt to distract the public from what’s actually happening on the US-Mexico border?

Thousands of migrants have converged under the bridge that connects Del Rio, Texas, and Mexico’s Ciudad Acuña, creating a makeshift camp with few basic services in intense heat in the latest border emergency facing President Joe Biden.

Del Rio Mayor Bruno Lozano said, as of early Thursday evening, 10,503 migrants were under the Del Rio International Bridge, up from 8,200 in the morning.

Food and water has been scarce and temperatures have risen to around 99 degrees. Witnesses reveal hundreds of migrants wading through the Rio Grande river and back into Mexico to stock up on essentials they say they are not receiving on the American side.

The migrants are mostly Haitians, with Cubans, Venezuelans, and Nicaraguans also present.

It’s hard to believe this is occurring in the United States of America.

Biden is facing a humanitarian nightmare caused directly by his open border policies and lax enforcement of immigration law. Border arrests have reached a 20-year high; in August alone 195,000 illegal immigrants were taken into custody. The federal government is lost. Do they proceed with their initial open border strategy to appease the woke Left, or will they wise up, grow a backbone, and actually create a solution not only for Americans, but for the migrants suffering under current squalid conditions.

Ernesto, a 31-year-old Haitian migrant, slipped back into Mexico on Thursday to buy water and food – for the fourth time, he said, since arriving in the United States on Monday morning. Ernesto, who declined to give his surname to protect his identity, said he and his 3-year-old daughter had not been fed at the camp, where migrants are jostling for shade.

Migrants showed reporters tickets with numbers they had received from U.S. Border Patrol. Several said other migrants told them they could be stuck at the camp for up to five days.

Del Rio is in Val Verde County, which voted for Trump in 2020. Some residents in this sprawling, bilingual border town say they feel abandoned by the federal government on border security.

“Are they doing anything to stop them from coming?” one woman said while she looked down at the encampment while driving over the bridge.

Both migrants and Mexican officials said many more people are expected in coming days. Illegal immigrants say they had chosen to cross at Del Rio because the river is shallow and they felt there was comparatively less cartel activity.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth