Boo Hoo: Pelosi’s Jan. 6 Fanatics Break Down During Hearing

We all knew Nancy Pelosi’s Jan 6. witch hunt committee lacked any sincerity, but no one expected her minions to cry.

Perhaps Nancy promised the lawmakers a seat on a committee if they shed a tear in front of the cameras? Anything to make the the process seem legitimate and necessary to protect “the democracy of America.”

Both “Adams” seated on Nancy Pelosi’s committee shed crocodile tears during the kick off of what will likely be a years-long, drawn out process to condemn — and eventually convict — supporters of Donald Trump and maybe even the Former President himself. The entire country saw what Pelosi and her House Democrats did during the impeachment process, so there’s no telling how radical, unnecessary, and ultra-partisan this new witch hunt will be.

Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff of California and Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois both choked up at the first hearing for the select committee to investigate the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol as they questioned four Capitol Police and Metropolitan Police Department officers who withstood the mob.

“I never expected today to be quite as emotional for me as it has been…” Kinzinger began.

Kinzinger continued as his voice began to crack — you could see the show of force as he attempts to shed a tear in front of the media and his colleagues.

“Democracies are not defined by our bad days. We’re defined by how we come back from bad days, how we take accountability for that…”

You can watch Kinzinger’s Oscar-winning performance here:

Later in the hearing, Adam Schiff also became visibly emotional at the end of his questioning.

The legacy of Rep. Adam Schiff is that of lies, deceit, political maneuvering, and radicalism. He led the charge in the fight to impeach Former President Trump, and was successful using tactics only the dirtiest, grimiest, politician feels is necessary.

“We deem elections illegitimate merely because they don’t go our way rather than trying to do better the next time, then God help us.”

At the point you could see Schiff switching gears, revving up for the stunt he’s planned for this very moment — and the waterworks came.

“And if we’re so driven by bigotry and hate that we attack our fellow citizens as traitors if they were born in another country or they don’t look like us,” Schiff said before he paused to collect himself as he teared up. “Then God help us. But I have faith because of folks like you.”

It must be an Adam thing.

The two lawmakers’ displays of emotion followed tearful and forceful testimony from all four of the officers about what they experienced on Jan. 6.

Author: Asa McCue