Bombshell Video Exposes Bernie Organization–Is Ignored by Fake New Debate

Another long, boring, and pointless Democrat primary debate took place last night. The “frontrunners” argued over their terrible policies. CNN lobbed them softballs, hoping to bamboozle voters into choosing one of them over President Trump. But just that day, a bombshell undercover video was released, exposing one of Sanders’ staffers. Big surprise, the debate ignored it.

I’m sure you didn’t bother watching last night’s Democratic debate. Why put yourself through that many hours of torture? It’s worse than watching entitled liberal celebrities accepting awards. One interesting moment of the night, though, was when Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren started arguing.

CNN threw Sanders under the bus over a rumor that he said a woman couldn’t win the election. Warren took advantage of that to make the man appear sexist. Big deal, right? Both are unfit to be president, thanks to their insanely toxic socialist policies.

Most of the evening’s questions were softballs by the far-left news network. It was a real shame, though. This would have been a great opportunity to get Sanders to react to the big news of the day. News that quickly circulated across the Internet. News that had many Americans worried and terrified of what Sanders would do, should he get elected.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Well, one of Sanders’ “field organization” was exposed on undercover video discussing what would happen if Sanders didn’t win. And worse, what he’d do if he did.

A Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign Field Organizer, Kyle Jurek, was secretly recorded bragging about his extreme left-wing fringe views, calling for violence and death to those who oppose Sanders’ radical policies…

“If Bernie doesn’t get the nomination or it goes to a second round at the DNC Convention, f*cking Milwaukee will burn. It’ll start in Milwaukee and when police push back on that, then other cities will just f*cking (hand explosion).”

Jurek Affirms That “Free Speech Has Repercussions…There Are Consequences for Your F***ing Actions…You Should Expect a Violent Reaction. And You Deserve a Violent Reaction.” [Source: Project Veritas Action]

Kyle Jurek has worked for the DNC and Sanders’ campaign. Like most of Bernie’s supporters, he wants a total takeover of our government and way of life by socialist extremists. The undercover video reveals his radical intentions if Bernie Sanders is not elected president.

Initially, he promised “Milwaukee will burn” if Sanders does not get the Democratic nomination. Milwaukee is where the convention will be held, so all liberal eyes will be on it. He later says that if Donald Trump is re-elected, “cities will burn.” That’s pretty troubling news, from someone that is working for a democratic campaign.

It only gets worse from there. This Sanders advocate, in another video, praises Soviet Russia’s infamous gulags—the prisons where people were tortured and killed. He even says that a President Sanders would create similar places in America to “re-educate” Trump supporters and the rich.

“That’s kind of what all Bernie’s whole fucking like, ‘hey, free education for everybody’ because we’re going to have to teach you to not be a fucking Nazi,” he added.

In another part of the video, Jurek is seen discussing Soviet Union dictator Joseph Stalin’s use of gulags, where he claims that the CIA was overly critical of them. “People were actually paid a living wage in the gulags. They have conjugal visits in gulags. Gulags were meant for re-education,” he says. [Source: Breitbart]

Wonder why Bernie’s so obsessed with giving “free education” to Americans? According to this one staffer, it’s to “de-nazify” Trump supporters or anyone that disagrees with his far-left agenda. Jurek praises gulags and says Sanders will send every last MAGA supporter to essentially prison to force us to comply.

In the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

Sanders has yet to comment on this man’s statements. Could it be because his campaign embraces these views? Does Sanders want to transform the United States into a gulag-filled Soviet nation?

CNN didn’t bother to ask. Perhaps they already know the answer. But the rest of America wants the truth.

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