Bombshell Report Blows Lid Off Cuomo’s COVID Secrets

Disgraced Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo, along with his crony health commissioner Andrew Zucker, ordered state health officials to give the governor’s own family special treatment in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic.

Preferential COVID testing was given to many members of Andrew Cuomo’s family – including his brother, CNN hack Chris Cuomo. His mother and at least one sister received VIP treatment as well.

It’s reported that members of his family were given multiple tests before they were readily available to New York residents. Chris Cuomo was allegedly testing at his house on Long Island multiple times. Health officials were ordered to label Cuomo family tests as “critical samples” as to be processed ahead of others.

Cuomo didn’t just help out his family members. Well-connected VIPs close to the Cuomo administration were given preferential treatment as well. Head of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Rich Cotton, Head of MTA Patrick Foye, as well as some unnamed lawmakers and member of the press all got the special Cuomo treatment too.

Officials in the Cuomo administration are denying allegations that special treatment ordered by the governor. A spokesperson for the administration said these allegations were “insincere efforts to rewrite the past.”

The New York State Department of Health denied requests for comment from Zucker and Eleanor Adams, an epidemiologist who reportedly tested Cuomo’s brother.

The shocking report comes as Cuomo struggles to remain in office after eight women, including current and former aides, accused him of sexual misconduct. The New York State Attorney General’s Office and the State Assembly are investigating the claims.

Additionally, federal authorities have opened an investigation into Cuomo’s policy of directing nursing homes to house COVID-positive patients, resulting in the untimely deaths of many senior citizens. It was reported that Cuomo’s office significantly underreported the deaths to cover up his crime.

Author: Howard Bly 

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