Blue State Companies Flee To DeSantis Utopia

If the past year and a half has shown us anything, it’s that you’re much better off living in a red state than a blue.

The entire country was slammed by the pandemic. But there was a very different response from most Republican governors than Democrats. Democrats hit their states with the hardest lockdowns we’ve ever seen. Some aren’t still fully out of COVID restrictions, despite high vaccine rates. Despite that, they faced the worse COVID deaths and cases.

Republican-led states refused to punish their residents. They quickly came out of lockdowns. Ironically, these same states had much better COVID numbers? Coincidence? No, it had more to do with conservative states have leaders that knew what they were doing.

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg of what red states did last year to keep their states going. We can also go on and on about how Republicans refused to bend the knee to the insane defund the police movement, which has resulted in staggering rises in crime in blue states.

So, should we be surprised to learn that major bankers want to get out of New York… for Florida?

Job headhunters say banks such as JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs have what is being described as a waiting list of executives looking to move to the Sunshine State primarily because of its lower cost of living, but also because of other quality of life issues including a lower crime rate. Manhattan, where both firms are located, is dealing with a spike in crime and homelessness. Under Mayor Bill de Blasio crime statistics have risen in most categories with the New York Police Department reporting a 39.6% rise in grand larceny thefts last week for the four weeks ending June 6.

“The JP Morgan recruiter from Florida just told me he’s getting so much demand from employees in the northeast to move to Florida they’re not even considering external candidates for those jobs,” one financial services executive told Fox Business. “I hear the same thing is happening at Goldman and elsewhere.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Goldman Sachs is reportedly looking to open a new office, just to handle workers fleeing to Florida.

I cannot stress to you how unusual this was, just a few years ago. Nobody in their right mind would ever want to move from New York to Florida, who was under 65 years old. Florida was where retirees went to relax during their “Golden Years.” It was not a hot spot for young, working professionals looking to further their careers.

This radical change is entirely thanks to the pathetic, corrupt leadership of NY Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo. This dynamic duo of idiots has taken one of the greatest cities in the world and turned it into a laughing stock.

Meanwhile, Ron DeSantis, Florida’s governor, has fought heavy liberal criticism to make Florida a prosperous, desirable state. In recent years, Florida has become more conservative than ever before. Now, people from all over America want to live there.

The real question is, will blue leaders in states across America wake up and start changing their ways? Or will there be nobody left in their states for them to mistreat and abuse?

Author: Sam Sitwell