Blinken Tries To Pull a Fast One – Rubio Doesn’t Let Him Get Away With It

Joe Biden’s historic failure in Afghanistan has led to an unprecedented crisis. The United States is scrambling to evacuate thousands of Americans and Afghan allies, before the Taliban-imposed deadline of August 31.

Sadly, our government isn’t doing all it can to help its own. It warned Americans fleeing to the airport that they would not be able to keep them safe along the way. They keep issuing conflicting reports to those trying to get out. And, back home, the State Department can’t even give a clear number of how many Americans are still stranded.

With this crisis only getting worse, it seems the Biden administration is trying to “fudge” the numbers to make themselves look good. In fact, Secretary of State Blinken even claimed that many Americans might not want to leave the war-ravaged country.

Sen. Marco Rubio is not buying it.

The State Department revealed, in a series of missives Wednesday, that hundreds of Americans are still in Afghanistan waiting to be evacuated. And while the precise number of United States passport holders awaiting rescue is up for debate, both the State Department and the White House noted that around a “thousand” Americans may not want to leave the rapidly deteriorating country.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) fired back at the Biden administration later Thursday, snapping that the State Department’s claim of Americans who want to remain in Afghanistan is “a lie.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Blinken claims that the State Department has heard from an estimated 500 Americans still in Afghanistan. That’s only a fraction of those reportedly still there. They claim that those that had not responded to their emails and phone calls must really want to stay in a country now under control of a murderous terror group.

Rubio blasted Blinken’s pathetic claims, pointing out that those fleeing for their lives do not have convenient Internet access. They probably aren’t getting those emails and phone calls. Those who are trying to travel across Afghanistan are hitting Taliban checkpoints. They won’t let women through without a man and are allegedly blocking non-American family members.

Other reports suggest the Taliban is stealing U.S. passports. So, it’s actually more dangerous for an American to reveal themselves while traveling—or to travel at all. If they are losing their passports, then it’s safe to say they also lost their phones and other valuables.

So, how can the State Department just shrug its shoulders and say, “Oh, I guess they don’t want to leave the country!”

Thousands are currently swarming the Kabul airport, desperate to leave. Among them are Americans, who face mistreatment at the hands of the Taliban. How can the State Department seem so apathetic to this crisis?

It’s almost as if Blinken and the rest of Biden’s toadies don’t even want to do their job. They’d rather just pack it up for the day and let the Americans they left strands fend for themselves.

Because, after August 31st, that’s exactly what will happen.

Author: Samuel Anderson