Black Senator Tim Scott Rattles Off List of Evidence Trump Is ‘Not a Racist’

By Joe Saunders August 14th, 2019 | Image Source: CNN

By any honest measure, Sen. Tim Scott should be a Democrat’s dream.

He’s a black man. He’s from the Deep South. And he’s risen above what liberals see as the endemic racism of American society.

But since honesty has rarely been a Democratic strong point — and it’s a virtual impossibility for the left during the Trump administration — Scott has a fatal flaw as far as liberals are concerned:

He’s not only a Republican, he’s a Republican who’s not afraid to stand up for President Donald Trump and Republicans in general against charges of racism.

And he has the evidence to prove it.

On Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” on Monday, Scott explained his logic in terms so basic that even a Democrat should be able to understand it:

“Well, there’s no doubt that President Trump is not a racist and the facts are very simple,” Scott told guest host Jason Chaffetz, the former Republican congressman from Utah.

“The same folks that voted for me voted for President Trump because President Trump made promises to the voters and he’s keeping the promises.”

Check it out here:

Scott cited not only the historically low unemployment rate among black Americans during the Trump presidency, but also Trump’s support for changes in the criminal justice system, “opportunity zones” to spur economic development and funding for sickle cell anemia research as presidential initiatives that benefit black Americans out of proportion to their numbers in the population.

“Without any question, look at his legacy, it will be his accomplishments in office, frankly helping, in many, many ways, African-Americans,” Scott said.

Then he got to the real story behind the accusations, which isn’t Trump’s alleged racism, but Democratic concerns that they’re losing their stranglehold on black voters.

“What you do smell … is fear,” Scott said. “What you smell is fear on the left.”

Democrats are used to using “racism” accusations to bludgeon Republicans, Scott said, but it’s not going to work with Trump.

“President Trump has been able to deliver policies that have promoted, encouraged and inspired growth in the African-American community, economically, in a way that no president has done in the last 40 years.

“This president is not a racist.”

That should be clear enough.

And it goes for the Republican Party, too.

“Racists” wouldn’t elect a black man as senator, but GOP voters in South Carolina will elect a Republican they know is going to represent them in government.

That’s why Scott is in office.

And it’s why what should be a Democrat’s dream is actually the party’s electoral nightmare.

Author: Joe Saunders

Source: Western Journal: Black Senator Tim Scott Rattles Off List of Evidence Trump Is ‘Not a Racist’

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