Black Senator Getting Death Threats For Blasting Democrat Agenda

In the aftermath of nation-wide riots, Democrats promised meaningful police reform. What did we get? Oh, nothing. House Democrats crafted a bogus bill, refusing the input of a single Republican. On the other hand, Republican Senator Tim Scott sought support from both parties to craft his reform bill. In return, he received death threats and racial slurs.

It looks like the “defund the police” movement is already waning. While Los Angeles and New York might doom their cities with slashes to their PD budgets, most of the country has rejected this notion out of hand. Only the radical city council of Minneapolis wants to entirely abolish the police—but whether that happens remains to be seen.

The rest of the left has already moved on to other nonsense. Most of them are backing the stupid notion of removing historical monuments and statues. As rioters tear down statues of important American figures, Democrats bow to their will.

Meanwhile, Republican Sen. Tim Scott has been working for weeks on a bill to bring real police reform to our country. He has sought the input of both Republican and Democrat colleagues. He wants this to be a bipartisan effort that will unite the country and save lives.

Instead, Senate Democrat leader Chuck Schumer rejected the bill, saying he will not let a single liberal vote for it. On top of that, the black Republican is getting death threats and racial slurs.

Republican South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott on Tuesday told his colleagues he has received a large number of death threats and phone calls with graphic racial slurs…

Scott reportedly mentioned he had been called “Uncle Tim,” in one call and that the caller told Scott to “take your one-way ticket straight to hell.” Another caller reportedly talked about putting Scott “in his crosshairs.” …

“The only group left in Washington D.C. that are reportedly agonizing over whether to block a discussion of police reform or let it proceed seem to be our Senate Democratic colleagues,” McConnell said on the Senate floor Monday. [Source: Daily Caller]

Gee, who do you think is behind these attacks on Sen. Scott? Could it be… the Democrats!? Who else would target him with death threats and slurs? Where would people even get the notion to doing this, unless the media slandered Scott and his bill and Democrats singled him out for abuse?

Just look at what happened: House Democrats quickly slapped together a bill with zero input from Republicans. It’s a partisan mess that has no chance of passing. Yet they are praised by their media.

Scott works for weeks to get input from both parties to craft a bipartisan bill. He gets death threats over the phone.

What’s really going on?

Do you think Democrats really want to make America a better place? Or are they willing to destroy everything we care about… just to win an election?

Come on, let’s get real. Democrats sat back and let rioters destroy Minneapolis and numerous other cities. They said they were “peaceful” protesters, ignoring the violence right in front of them. Democrats called an outrageous and unacceptable takeover of a portion of Seattle a “block party.” And Democrats not only refuse to condemn the destruction of historical monuments, but they are encouraging it.

When a black Republican is crafting a bill that will save lives, Democrats sic their rabid mob against him.

Would the media tolerate it if a black Democrat was getting death threats or was being called slurs? The FBI would immediately get involved, I think. In less than a few hours, the perpetrators would have been arrested. But when it’s a black conservative… they don’t even care.

The lines have been drawn. We know who really cares about this country—and who doesn’t. The only thing left to do is make sure not a single Democrat has a job after November.

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