Black Lives Matter Terrorist Receives Bad News After Committing Voter Fraud

Cue the mainstream media outlets feigning outrage over this poor, black soul who just didn’t know that convicted felons weren’t allowed to vote!

Meanwhile, the news of this conviction comes just as the left begins to pass laws allowing illegal immigrants to vote in elections. Some progressive Democrats have even vowed to restore felons’ voting rights in an attempt to maintain their hold on power at a time when Americans have largely abandoned far-leftism.

So what happened?

A Black Lives Matter activist was sentenced to prison after being convicted last year for illegally registering to vote.

BLM activist Pamela Moses was sentenced to six years and one day in prison following her November 2021 conviction for illegally registering to vote in Tennessee. But some are pushing back on the conviction, alleging it was based on an error or that the punishment is too severe for the crime.

Moses founded the Black Lives Matter chapter in Memphis.

Memphis was one of the cities that faced massive, violent protests during the summer of 2020 where major buildings were burned to the ground and entire majority-black communities were torched — all ostensibly for “black rights.”

“Elected officials have used incredible amounts of resources in a time when there’s a backlog in this justice system unlike any we’ve seen before. They use resources to try and … convict this woman for trying to vote,” said Josh Spickler, executive director of the criminal reform group Just City.

“Convict this women for trying to vote”

They sure do know how to spin a narrative!

The BLM terrorist pleaded guilty to two felonies and three misdemeanors in 2015 after stalking and harassing a local judge, which led to her being placed on probation for seven years. These actions rendered her permanently ineligible to vote in Tennessee. Moses said she was unaware of her loss of voter rights, which is why she attempted to register to vote in 2019.

When Moses attempted to run for Memphis mayor in 2019, election officials told her that she would not be allowed to appear on the ballot due to her felony. Moses was uncertain, so she approached a local judge and inquired into her eligibility. A local probation officer signed a document confirming that her probation had ended, but a representative for the corrections department emailed election officials a day later, stating there was an error on Moses’s certificate and that she was still serving probation.

Moses said she never actually voted but only registered unknowingly, faulting officials for failing to inform her about her ineligibility after beginning her probation.

She’s innocent, ya’ll! It was just a silly little misunderstanding!

Author: Elizabeth Tierney