Black Leaders Plead For Return Of Police Force

To pander to radical activists, New York mayor Bill de Blasio targeted the police. He shut down an anti-crime unit aimed at preventing violence and shootings. Immediately, a surge of crime swept the city. Violence continues to rise. Now, some black leaders are demanding a change.

I’m sure you won’t be surprised to learn that soon after Democrats started to defund police departments, crime surged. From coast to coast, we are seeing rising levels of violence, particularly shootings, ever since local leaders cut back police funding. More than just slashing budgets, Democrat mayors have consistently prevented cops from doing their jobs.

Rioting in Portland has been going on for weeks, because their liberal mayor hamstrings the cops. From Los Angeles to Chicago, innocent lives are lost. Perhaps the worst is in New York, where only last weekend a one-year-old child was killed during a cookout. Yet what is Bill de Blasio so worried about? Red paint splashed on his “Black Lives Matter” mural.

Now, black leaders are fed up with the mayor’s ridiculous leadership. And they’re demanding action.

Leaders in the black community in New York City are calling on the New York City Police Department to deal with the recent crime surge in the city by reinstating the plainclothes anti-crime unit that the department recently dismantled…

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, a former cop, “became the second member of the African-American community to call on the NYPD to stop the violence by re-instituting the Anti-Crime Unit”…

Activist Tony Herbert told the network that he agrees, saying, “we have a 1-year-old and the blood is on the hands of the mayor and the state Legislature.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Throughout the Summer, black Americans have suffered as of a result of Black Lives Matter-funded protests and rioting. Frequently, we’ve seen broken people, who lost family or livelihoods, accusing this political group of not caring. They’ve thrown the mantra “black lives matter” back in this group’s face, pointing to the fact that BLM doesn’t care about the countless black Americans hurt by their reckless “movement.”

The real victims of this anti-police trend are black Americans. Defunded police departments lack the resources to protect minority communities. Crime doesn’t go away just because there are less cops. In fact, just the opposite is true. We all know it, even Black Lives Matter knows it.

So, why are they pushing this agenda? Because they don’t really care about protecting black people. They are more interested in pushing politics to influence the November election. BLM and Democrats want more fear and chaos to spread, thinking it will help them win. They turn a blind eye to real acts of violence against black Americans, especially if it won’t help their agenda.

Real black leaders want cops back in their neighborhoods. They have to deal with the families who just lost loved ones. They have to help black-owned businesses rebuild after endless nights of rioting. Black Lives Matter? Oh, they’re ghosts when it’s time to actually help.

Don’t be surprised to learn that more local community leaders begin to demand a reverse to defunding the police. The people who actually care about their communities can’t sit by and watch criminals and thugs tear down everything they worked so hard to build.

But the question is: will Bill de Blasio and other Democrats listen to them? Of course not. They have too much at stake this November.

The only solution is to get rid of every last politician that cares more about virtue signaling than protecting their cities. Once they’re voted out of office, then we can restore law and order.

Otherwise, nothing will change.

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