Black Americans Slam Democrats After Racist July 4th Attacks

The Democrat Party may be the oldest political party in U.S. history, but that isn’t what makes it unique.

The party is special because its members seem to despise America and all it stands for. Despite being in one of the most privileged positions as a lawmaker, some Democrats decided to celebrate the Fourth of July by ripping on America and its foundations. For Democrats, every instance, every form of celebration is an opportunity to push their radical agendas. Whether it be race, COVID, or “infrastructure,” the liberal lawmakers in America have no qualms about ruining July 4th for the majority of the country that happily celebrates it.

Rep. Maxine Waters, the House Financial Services Committee Chairwoman Maxine Waters, decided to take to Twitter on July 4th to slam the Declaration of Independence. The crazed Democrat implied the historical document was a a racist one because it was written by white men 250 years ago.

This is what she said:

A majority of Democrats and Republicans alike had messages of celebration for the freedom granted to everyone in this country. Most consider July 4th is a time of to celebrate America’s independence, but to some lawmakers, it’s a time to push your racist views.

Democrat Rep. Cori Bush claimed the freedom celebrated on July 4th “is for white people,” adding, “Black people still aren’t free.”

Democrat Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) echoed Reps. Waters and Bush’s statements:

The lawmakers received immense backlash from some Americans who were majorly offended by their racist claims. Many African Americans voiced their opposition, particularly to Rep. Bush’s claims that “black people aren’t free.”

The radical wing of the Democrat party will continue to use race in a cynical way to push their Far-Left agenda. It’s impossible to ignore the glaring contradiction: if America is as racist as these lawmakers claim, then how did they rise to the position they currently find themselves in?

The answer is simple. The Radical Left lawmakers that continue to insist that the United States is the most racist place on Earth are doing so simply to lay the groundwork for their radical legislative agendas. These politicians hope to pass the most Far-Left legislation in America’s history — they’re just using race to justify it.

Author: Asa McCue