Bipartisan Senators Ban Together To Take Down Biden

Joe Biden promised to be a president of “unity.” And finally it seems this is starting to happen. Only, the unity we’re seeing are Republicans and Democrats uniting together… to rein in Joe’s power.

It doesn’t seem that most leaders in D.C. trust Biden’s ability to make decisions. When you have news reports highlighting the new president’s administration that only talk about how he goes to bed at 7 PM, you know the country’s up a creek without a paddle.

There has been increasing concerns that Biden is not up to the task of leading the country. We’ve seen very little of him in his first month in office. There have been no meetings with foreign leaders, no important visits around the country, no interactions with supporters or lawmakers. You can’t blame COVID on all of that.

And hey, why hasn’t he given his speech to the Joint Sessions of Congress—required by the Constitution?

Is Joe Biden really the president or just playing make-believe? Apparently, a group of senators doesn’t think he’s up for the job, because they are trying to strip him of power.

A bipartisan group of senators on Wednesday introduced legislation seeking to rein in war powers from President Joe Biden by repealing two decades-old military authorizations…

The legislation introduced from Sens. Tim Kaine (D-VA) and Todd Young (R-IN) “would repeal the 1991 and 2002 authorizations that cleared the way for a prolonged military conflict in Iraq, culminating in calls from Democrats and Republicans alike to end the so-called ‘forever wars’ in the region,” POLITICO reported…

“Last week’s airstrikes in Syria show that the executive branch, regardless of party, will continue to stretch its war powers,” the Democrat and former VP candidate said. “Congress has a responsibility to not only vote to authorize new military action, but to repeal old authorizations that are no longer necessary.” [Source: Daily Wire]

According to the Constitution, it takes an act of Congress for the U.S. to declare war. Yet certain pieces of legislation have given presidents significant power to conduct airstrikes and other military actions—without formally declaring war.

Kaine claims they are pushing to revoke these laws, because presidents “regardless of party” will continue to wage war overseas, especially in the Middle East. Hmm… funny. Didn’t we just have a president who actually ended conflicts overseas, brokered peace agreements, and didn’t start new conflicts?

I guess when you have a president that actually puts America first, you don’t have to worry about these war powers.

This bill has support from both Republicans and Democrats, a shocker in this day-and-age. You shouldn’t be surprised Republicans want to repeal Biden’s war powers, but Democrats? This suggests that even they know what we all know: that Joe is not up to the task of being president. The recent strike in Syria rattled plenty of people’s cages. Democrats now realize the man they put into the White House might not be the good, obedient puppet they hoped. He’s actually president—and might do things outside their agenda.

Or, perhaps, they are worried that Sleepy Joe is losing enough of his mind to make those war powers unthinkable.

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