Big Tech Overlords Snuff Out Conservative Social Media Platform

By Emma Colton January 11th, 2021 | Image Source: IBL News

Amazon joined Apple and Google in removing the Parler app from its platform.

Amazon said in an email it “cannot provide services to a customer that is unable to effectively identify and remove content that encourages or incites violence against others.”

“Because Parler cannot comply with our terms of service and poses a very real risk to public safety, we plan to suspend Parler’s account effective Sunday, January 10th, at 11:59PM PST,” the email said, which was reported on Sunday.

Apple announced on Saturday that it was removing the app from its platform because Parler was not stopping the “threats of violence and illegal activity.” It came after pro-Trump supporters stormed the Capitol on Wednesday, and Twitter subsequently permanently banned President Trump.

The Google Play Store announced it banned the app on Friday evening, saying, “In light of this ongoing and urgent public safety threat, we are suspending the app’s listings from the Play Store until it addresses these issues.”

Parler was founded in 2018 and has been lauded as a platform that protects free speech. It jumped to the most downloaded app on Apple in November after the presidential election.

“Parler is an unbiased social media focused on real user experiences and engagement. Our content is moderated based off the FCC and the Supreme Court of the United States which enables free expression without violence and a lack of censorship. Parler never shares your personal data,” the platform’s description reads.

It has since come under fire as throngs of more conservatives and supporters of Trump jumped to the app after Twitter banned Trump.

“We are the closest thing to competition Facebook or Twitter has seen in many years. I believe Amazon, Google, Apple worked together to try and ensure they don’t have competition,” Parler CEO John Matze said Saturday evening.

“What they are doing is unprecedented, unfounded and absolutely disgusting. Shameful,” he continued. “This is a battle against all of us. Liberals, conservatives, atheists, Christians, black, white, etc. They want to keep their monopoly over speech. They want us fighting. They don’t want us working together. They don’t want us working with each other, they want us hating one another.”

Author: Emma Colton, Social Media Manager

Source: Washington Examiner: Amazon kicks Parler off its platform, joining Google and Apple

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