Big Tech Giant Makes Their Alliance With The Taliban Known

Americans—and people around the world—watch as terrorist regime the Taliban take over Afghanistan. Thanks to Biden’s hasty and foolish withdrawal of our troops, this murderous group took over the country in less than two weeks.

Already reports are coming in that this group is going house to house to find American allies. American citizens trying to leave the country are being robbed of their passports and beaten. The situation on gets worse, as news of gunfire around the airport reaches the U.S.

You’d think that American-based social media companies would, you know, make it harder for these killers to spread their ideas and communicate with their buddies around the world. Except, social media giant Twitter (which grew during the pandemic) allows the Taliban to stay on their platform.

But who has Twitter consistently silenced? Conservative Americans. Including a sitting representative in Congress.

While the Taliban and Iranian mullahs still enjoy Twitter privileges, a growing number of Americans, mostly of conservative persuasion, face a range of restrictions imposed on their accounts by U.S. social media platforms…

Georgia GOP Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene was temporarily silenced by Twitter.

The firebrand freshman congresswoman was suspended earlier this month for seven days for what Twitter called “misinformation” for arguing COVID-19 masks and vaccines are “failing,” as more fully vaccinated Americans are contracting the virus’s highly contagious delta strain…

Meanwhile, Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid — known to have mistreated women and associated with Islamic terror groups — continues to tweet to his over 380,000 followers.

Others who appear to be affiliated with the Taliban and have Twitter accounts include additional Taliban spokespeople Dr. Muhammad Naeem Wardak and Suhail Shaheen, and Taliban cofounder Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar. [Source: Just the News]

This ugly double standard should turn your stomach. Twitter has famously banned Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, conservative legal activist Tom Fitton, and even Sen. Rand Paul. But not once have they attempted to deal with spokespeople for the Taliban and even a cofounder.

Twitter claims they “proactively enforce” their rules. They say they are especially proud of banning anyone that glories violence. Oh, really? Twitter, like most social media sites, is extremely dishonest about its rules and how it enforces them. Most likely, a conservative user will get hit with heavy penalties for minor infractions of their “rules,” while other users will see zero consequences.

This hypocrisy is on full display over their handling of the Taliban. This is a literal terror group that just took over a country. They are beating American citizens and threaten U.S. allies. Their control over Afghanistan is leading to violence and chaos.

Yet Twitter has not once tried to clamp down on their influence online.

We know why they do this. Twitter is run by left-wing liberals who abuse their power to censor conservative ideas. They are terrified people like Donald Trump, likable and knowledgeable conservatives, would influence Americans (and their votes).

But they are not threatened by the Taliban, who live so far away on the other side of the world. The Taliban isn’t running against Democrats, after all. Their views won’t jeopardize elections in the U.S. So, Twitter lets these killers run free.

Who knows what might come from Taliban agents tweeting? They could be inspiring a new generation to embrace hate and violence. But they’re not Trump supporters, so they can stay.

Author: Tim Gunderson