Big Rig Biden: Joe Becomes Butt Of Every Joke With Latest Lie

Joe Biden continues to add to his list of hilariously false statements in order to sway the audience.

On Wednesday, the cognitively-deficient president held an event at Mac Truck manufacturing plan in Pennsylvania where he claimed he had previously driven an 18-wheeler.

“I used to drive an 18-wheeler, man,” Biden claimed, “I got to.”

The deep dive for evidence of this claim began, but little was found. After 50 years as an elected official, Biden’s life has remained quite public, so any incident where he drove a big rig wouldn’t be difficult to locate.

A White House spokesperson commented on the matter, stating Biden RODE in an 18-wheeler in 1973 during a 536-mile journey from Delaware to Ohio. His spokesperson also pointed to a time in Biden’s life where he drove a school bus as a summer job.

Hilarity ensued after Biden made this claim, especially after his spokesperson clarified. Many conservative news outlets noted: riding in a big rig is not the same thing as driving it, Joe.

But we all know the mentally challenged president is no stranger to a little white lie here and there. Remember when he claimed to graduate top in his class at law school, only to be found out as hovering near the bottom of the pack?

In April, during his address to Congress, Biden made an outrageous claim regarding Chinese President Xi Jinping:

“I spent a lot of time with President Xi, traveling over 17,000 miles.”

This is a heavily-repeated claim for Biden, a claim even the Mainstream Media refuses to comply with. The Washington Post awarded Biden’s fairytale three Pinocchios.

Here are some other notable events where Biden was caught lying, deceiving, or leading the public down the path of mistruth:

  • In 1987, when Biden ran for president the first time, he was caught plagiarizing a famous speech from a British Labor Party leader.
  • During that same campaign he was caught plagiarizing speeches from both Robert Kennedy, JFK, and Hubert Humphrey
  • Biden lied about numerous academic scholarships and awards he never received
  • At Syracuse law school, Biden claimed to graduate in the top half of his class. It was discovered that he in fact graduated 76th our of 85
  • He claimed he was in Selma and Birmingham during the historic civil rights demonstrations
  • Biden claimed to be arrested along with U.N Ambassador for South Africa for trying to see Nelson Mandela.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney