Biden’s Words Come Back to Haunt Him, After He Curses Out Reporter

Joe Biden just can’t help himself. He held his first press conference in nearly a year last week. And we learned why his staff kept him from doing them so frequently. Biden was supposed to “jump-start” his administration with that presser. Instead, he destroyed it… and may have started a war in Europe. Despite the disaster that was that press event, his handlers have not kept him away from the media.

And he continues to be a disaster.

Shortly after the failed presser, he once again was in front of reporters. When he was asked a simple question, he insulted a reporter and refused to answer. This week, he was asked a question by Fox News reporter Peter Doocy about inflation. Biden topped himself by answering sarcastically and calling the man a “stupid son of a b*tch.”

As bad as that is, it’s made even worse when you consider Biden previously promised to fire anyone who showed disrespect.

During a hot mic moment on Monday, Joe Biden called Peter Doocy of Fox News a “stupid son of a bitch” for asking a question about inflation…

As it turns out, the man who promised to restore civility in the White House has violated his own rule. In 2021, when swearing-in dozens of appointees and staffers upon his inauguration, the president said, “I will fire you on the spot” for treating others with disrespect…

“Everyone, every single person, regardless of their background, is entitled to be treated with dignity,” Biden added. “I expect you to do that for all the folks you deal with.” [Source: Breitbart]

Not a great sign when someone begins their job with threats. But I guess all that talk of dignity and respect was for show. Or, that respect only extended to any not working at Fox News? Either way, Biden violated his own mandate when he insulted Doocey. Of course, this is far from the first time he’s done it.

Biden has always looked down on the press. He is quick to show anger and arrogance when reporters refuse to fawn over him. When asked a legitimate question, he rarely answers it. Instead, he becomes dismissive or insulting. The only difference now is that Biden is coming off a terrible press conference, where the media is starting to turn on him.

Pretty ironic for a man who pretended to be so much better than Trump. All his talk of civility was just a mask to make the last administration appear cruel and disrespectful. But, when the chips are down, Biden is worse than his rivals.

I just wonder what the media would have done, if Trump called a reporter a “stupid son of a b*tch”? We wouldn’t hear the end of it, as pundits and commentators shrieked and cried. Democrats would demand Trump’s head, launching investigations and calls for impeachment. Yet when Biden does it, the left pretends like it is just par for the course.

It is, for an administration that is only good at contradicting itself.

Author: Matt Gibbles