Biden’s War on Guns is Worse Than Ever Imagined

Joe Biden is set to unveil his “much-anticipated” executive actions on guns on Thursday, and it’s worse than anyone expected. The actions will reportedly focus on banning so-called “ghost guns” — makeshift and 3D-printed weapons.

It’s yet to be revealed whether Biden is expected to take executive action on “assault” weapons, but many believe such action would invite immense Constitutional litigation. The Biden administration is pushing executive action to it’s fullest extent; never in American history has a sitting president diminished the Constitution to this extent without consulting Congress first. Democrats have demanded Biden take major action against assault weapons without congressional legislation.

Just last week, more than 100 Democrats penned an aggressive letter to Biden demanding he take executive action on gun control, citing a gun law authored in 1930s, and updated to include current gun-making technology. They shied away from legislation recommendations as Congress is so evenly split, it’s unlikely any gun control laws would pass with Republican support.

It’s reported that Biden will push back against executive action on further gun control, tossing the ball back in House and Senate’s court. Measures such as expanding federal background checks and banning the sale of both “assault” weapons and “high-capacity” magazines are said to be on the table for congressional debate.

Gun rights groups have already readied their retaliations against Biden’s actions. Republican Governor of Arizona Doug Ducey signed into law HB 211, which would prevent state and local governments from implementing any new federal gun control laws. The bill actively protects law-abiding gun owners from potential laws that would violate their Second Amendment rights, and moves to limit Biden’s executive actions within their state.

Author: Asa McCue

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