Biden’s UN Address Is Chock Full Of Lies — And Everyone Knows It

American citizens remain stranded behind enemy lines in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, but our cognitively deficient president, desperate for a political win, claimed the U.S. has “turned the page” on Middle East wars.

The “leverage” many in the Biden administration claim to have over the Taliban is no where to be found as terrorists forces arm themselves with abandoned America munitions pointed directly at the abandoned Americans stuck in Afghanistan.

Joe Biden’s UN address is a giant slap in the face to those Americans.

“I stand here today for the first time in 20 years with the United States not at war. We’ve turned the page,” Biden claimed.

Meanwhile, the page remains stuck at the most tragic point of Biden’s story for many Americans left in Afghanistan.

State Department estimations claim 100 – 200 Americans remain left in Afghanistan, but sources on the ground say it’s likely in the 1000’s.

It is not clear whether the State Department is keeping an accurate count of the remaining American citizens, or whether they are working independently to evacuate Americans and Afghan allies. The State Department claimed it had “pulled all the levers” but that flights with American passengers remained on the ground at Mazar-i-Sharif (MAZ) airport.

Conservative radio host Glenn Beck announced Monday that his non-governmental organization and several partner NGOs were working with Pakistan’s government to negotiate with the Taliban and secure those flights’ release, as well as to secure a landing site. Beck was clear, in a radio update, that Americans are among those waiting to be evacuated from MAZ, calling the effort both “miraculous and horrendous.”

There are also thousands of coalition allies, green card holders, and Afghans with special immigrant visas still in Afghanistan with no timeline for evacuation.

As many have reported, the situation remains dire for those American left stranded in Afghanistan.

A source revealed at least one particular evacuee is “still getting the run around from State on visa interviews for wife and children. There is still no system in place. It’s as if State has given up developing a reasonable alternative, and the only thing they have to offer is ‘come see us if you can.’”

To Biden’s globalist buddies in the UN who happily believe his lies, the lack of U.S. troops in Afghanistan is a major victory, and it certainly would be if citizens were evacuated as well. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney