Biden’s Tax Report Sheds Light On a Devastating Family Secret

It’s no secret that Joe Biden dreams of becoming the next FDR. That is, the next president to burden Americans with costly socialist programs that damage the economy. Biden has promised to spend approximately $5 trillion in massive new welfare programs. To pay for this, he claims he will get the wealth to pay their “fair share” in taxes.

Already we know this is a lie. The proposed $3.5 trillion spending package includes taxes for working-class and middle-class Americans. Once again, the rich will not see that much of an increase (thanks to a variety of loopholes and deductions). As usual, the left wants to punish the very people they claim to want to help.

But things are looking even worse for Biden. Because a new report suggests he owes quite a bit of back taxes.

Democrat President Joe Biden, who has repeatedly demanded that the wealthy “pay their fair share” in taxes, may owe up to $500,000 in back taxes, according to a lawmaker’s analysis of a new non-partisan congressional report…

“The new report, drafted by the Congressional Research Service and provided to The Post, suggests Biden owes taxes under current rules, according to the congressman who requested it.”

… “According to the criteria CRS provided to my office, he owes the IRS and the American people hundreds of thousands of dollars in back taxes. Every American should know about Joe Biden’s tax hypocrisy.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Well, look at this. According to a report from the Congressional Research Service, Joe Biden and his wife might have misused “S corporations” to avoid paying Medicare tax. The tax should have been applied to speaking fees and book sales while he was a private citizen. The report claims that they routed more than $13 million through these S corporations, counted only $800,000 of as taxable salary.

It seems this is one of many cases where the rich “suspiciously” paid themselves low salaries from S corporations, to apparently avoid taxes. In fact, this happens all the time but the IRS lacks the resources to hold these S corporations accountable. But I’m sure they went after you if you forget to dot an “i” on your last tax return.

What’s even more sickening is that Biden wants to make it easier for the IRS to hunt down every last transaction you make (we’re talking small transfers that amount to just a few dozen dollars), while they ignore major scams like this. Biden has no problem burdening regular Americans so the IRS can pay for his socialist agenda.

But the rich, specifically himself? They get a pass.

It’s this kind of hypocrisy that forces Americans to lose faith in their government. Biden promised to be a moderate president that worked for all Americans. Instead, he is the same corrupt swamp dweller we’ve seen all along, pushing policy that burdens working families and gets the rich off the hook.

Author: Joe Anderson