Biden’s Shameful ‘Fundraiser’ Gets Called Out By Trump Jr.

The death of George Floyd has sparked numerous protests nationwide. Radical anarchist groups have used the situation to spread violence, destruction, and chaos. President Trump and his campaign have been working to restore order and rebuild what was lost. Joe Biden, on the other hand, is trying to cash in. Donald Trump Jr. had a few things to say about that.

While demonstrations continued in various parts of the country, much of the violence is subsiding. That’s no thanks to Democrat leaders. President Trump was forced to activate the National Guard to subdue dangerous Antifa members, who are disgracing the memory of George Floyd by inciting riots. In cities like New York, Los Angeles, and D.C. there are still instances of violence.

In addition to the president’s efforts to restore peace, his campaign is working to help those harmed by these riots. Numerous campaign staff—including his manager—have donated to crowdfunding efforts that will help businesses who lost everything. One GoFundMe campaign has raised over a million dollars for a former firefighter whose dream of opening a bar was destroyed by local riots.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden sees this as a golden opportunity, to fill his coffers. His campaign sent out an email discussing George Floyd and the those who died with COVID-19. The goal? To get supporters to shell out more cash.

In a lengthy email to supporters on Tuesday, Joe Biden echoed Floyd’s last words “I can’t breathe” to ask for more money in the effort to oust Trump this coming November…

Though the email did not directly ask for money, the bottom of the email included a link asking for people to donate money.

“The [Joe Biden] campaign is shamelessly fundraising off of the death of George Floyd,” tweeted Trump Jr. “People are still grieving and Joe’s using this awful tragedy to line the pockets of his campaign. Not right… but also not surprising!” [Source: Daily Wire]

The Biden campaign email obviously tried to manipulate the emotions of readers by repeating the last words of George Floyd. Then it seems to suggest his death—and the death of thousands of COVID-19 patients—wouldn’t have happened if a doddering old man with a history of racism was president.

At the end of the message there is a big red button for readers to donate to Biden’s campaign.

The email also apparently condemns the violence and the looting going on during these “protests.” Funny how we had to wait for a fundraising email to hear anything from the Biden campaign against the riots. We haven’t heard any consistent message or speech from the man coming against the violence. Only in a fundraising email did one of his staffers bother to do this.

It’s kind of contradictory, though, since thirteen of Biden’s campaign staff personally donated to bail out rioters. If they are so upset that black owned businesses are being destroyed, why would they help get released the people who destroyed them? Why put them back out on the streets, just so they could do it again?

You don’t have to wonder why. Like most Democrats, Biden says one thing but does another. He sends out an email sounding oh so compassionate and sorrowful over the deaths. But it’s really just to ransack your wallet. When push comes to shove, Biden and his people are on the side of the killers.

Using George Floyd’s death to fundraise proves it. You don’t use a man’s death to make money, if you actually cared. You only do it when you see death and misery as an opportunity to push your agenda.

Much like every other Democrat, these days.

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