Biden’s Primary Results Raise Serious Questions About His ‘Lead’ Over Trump

By Jim Hoft June 26th, 2020 | Image Source: CNN

The Kentucky primary was held this week.

As of Wednesday night Joe Biden won the Democrat primary but only with 57% of the vote.

Bernie Sanders, who dropped out months ago, received 19% of the vote.

Even Pocahontas received 2.6% of the Democratic vote.

President Trump won the GOP primary with 94% of the vote and over 94,000 votes.

Friend Bill responds to the latest numbers:

Yeah polls are total BS. The fact that the mainstream media failed so badly in 2016, its comical they continue to use the bogus polls that over sample Democrats and actually believe them.

In fact, I think its 50-50 that Biden is even the nominee. I don’t think its carved in stone at all. An old senile white guy with racist comments in his past in the world of the Democrat-socialist cancel woke culture. It’s hard to believe.

The Black Lives Matter stuff is beginning to look like complete chaos and anarchy for too many Americans in the Middle.

The left and far left are hopeless and a lost cause.

Going after Founding Fathers and Jesus was an insanity gone too far for most.

Author: Jim Hoft

Source: The Gateway Pundit: Joe Biden Only Wins 57% of Democrat Voters in Kentucky – And He’s Supposed to be 10 Points Ahead of Trump?

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