Biden’s Outrageous Attempt To Slam Trump Raises Serious Health Questions

Joe Biden has only showed his face a few times since the pandemic. And each time… it hasn’t gone well. His virtual town halls have been riddled with bugs. His interviews on TV and radio shows left many outraged or confused. Yesterday, he made an appearance to slam Trump over the pandemic. But his closing attack—meant to be a powerful rebuke—was deeply disturbing instead.

You really have to wonder about Joe Biden. I mean, it’s insane that the Democrats picked him to run against Trump, for one obvious reason. Trump won 2016 by largely criticizing the Obama administration. This time around, he can do that even more, since he’ll be running against a major figure from the Obama years. The Democrats must have been out of their minds to pick Biden.

Who else is out of their minds? Joe Biden himself. We’ve talked a lot about his continued trend of confusion, slurred speech, and flat, emotionless moments. You don’t have to be a mental health expert to guess Joe’s not entirely there anymore. The man appears to show signs of real physical and mental decline. Yet the media pretends nothing is wrong (despite raising concerns during the primaries).

Biden made a speech criticizing Trump’s response to the pandemic. As usual, he offered little in the way of true leadership. But as he ended the speech, trying to hammer Trump mercilessly, Biden exposed his own, utter weakness.

Former Vice President Joe Biden criticized President Donald Trump Wednesday for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, lethargically delivering a speech that appeared to have been written as a much more fiery call to action…

Fluctuating between whispers and yells, Biden ended in a seeming stream of consciousness, “I’m ready on day one. After more than three years in office, why isn’t Donald Trump ready?

“Mr. President … wake up. Get to work. There’s so much more to be done.”

Biden stared at members of the media for several moments before walking away, not taking any questions. [Source: Breitbart]

You can watch Biden’s sleepy, confused, and weird comments yourself. I’m sure Biden’s handlers were expecting a powerful speech that would ring through the ages. Instead it was an exercise in boredom.

I find it simply hilarious that as Biden told Trump to “wake up,” the man appeared ready for a nap. Hey Joe, you can’t tell someone else they’re sleeping, when you have trouble making through a short speech!

The numbskull wants us to believe Trump isn’t doing anything about the pandemic. I guess Joe has been asleep the last few months. President Trump has been leading the charge in addressing the virus, while working to reopen the country safely. Biden has offered zero solutions during this crisis—that haven’t already been implemented by the president.

The fact of the matter is, Biden can’t do anything meaningful during this situation. So, instead of applauding the country’s efforts, he sits in his basement trying to take potshots at Trump. It only makes him look at like powerless idiot.

Is that who the left wants leading the country? A man that has to keep his speeches to a few minutes, to avoid embarrassment? A man that doesn’t have a single clue about what’s going on and cannot offer us real ideas to address our problems?

Its clear Joe Biden is expecting to coast on the support of the liberal media and the assumption that, because he’s a Democrat, he’s “better” at leading the country than Trump. He’s hoping the media can cover up all the work Trump has done for the country, bamboozling enough Americans to vote for Joe.

But if Joe continues these bad, awkward speeches—he’s going to have a hard time in November.

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