Biden’s New Gun Czar Outed At Full-Blow Racist

Joe Biden seems to surround himself with known racists, filling his administration and top federal position with those who are not only radical, but have damning pasts of racially-charged remarks. If similar circumstances were to occur under Trump, can you imagine the liberal media frenzy?

It’s been reported that Joe Biden’s pick for head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms, and Explosives David Chipman has made several racist remarks against black applicants who passed the ATF exam.

A former ATF staffer claimed Chipman was reviewing exam results from black applicants hoping to become a ATF special agent, noticing the number of black individuals who passed the exam, Chipman exclaimed:

“Wow, they must have been cheating. There are an usually large number of African American agents that passed the exam this time!”

The ATF whistleblower revealed that Chipman made this remark in front of a large group of witnesses, all of which did nothing to bring Chipman’s racist remarks public until now. Chipman was the assistant special agent in charge of the Detroit Field Division of the ATF when he made this statement.

The racially insensitive remarks made by Biden’s gun control zealot ended up spreading like wildfire throughout the ATF, and two Equal Opportunity Commission complaints were filed against him.

Nonetheless, Biden has since urged that Congress nominate Chipman despite his radical anti-gun stance and blatant racism.

Chipman attempted to explain to Sen. Ted Cruz in writing that the complaints made against him during his 15 years in the ATF were both resolved without any disciplinary action taken against him. However, he never denied making the remarks.

Cruz, and other Republicans, have been vocal in their opposition to Chipman’s nomination, many of whom said they would under no circumstances vote to approve the gun control radical.

During a Senate hearing, Cruz demolished Chipman, exposing him for his staunch gun-grabbing intentions.

Other Republicans have since stepped forward with their denouncement of Chipman, including the moderate Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine, who vowed to vote against his confirmation.

Similiarly, Sen. Mike Lee noted his opposition to Biden’s radical ATF nominee:

Author: Asa McCue