Biden’s Michigan Trip Seals His Fate In Stunning Turn Of Events

By Jim Hoft September 11th, 2020 | Image Source: The Gateway Pundit

Joe Biden flew to Michigan on Wednesday for another bizarre speech to 6 people in circles in a parking lot.

He’s going to have to do more than that to energize Michigan voters.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is faring worse than Crooked Hillary in Michigan this year — a state President Trump won in 2016.

Hillary held a 3.6 point lead over Donald Trump in Michigan on election day 2016 — 47.0 to 43.4.

Biden holds a 3.2 point lead over Trump this year.

Statistician Bruce Stanford predicts a Trump win in Michigan if the trend continues.

Author: Jim Hoft

Source: The Gateway Pundit: More Bad News for Crazed Democrats: Joe Biden Doing Worse in Michigan than Crooked Hillary

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