Biden’s Massive Spending Hits Another Snag – From His Own Party

Despite falling approval numbers and overall discontent among Americans, Democrats are hellbent on passing their toxic spending bill.

Leaders in both chambers of Congress are ignoring the concerns of millions of Americans to push a plan that will cost us $3.5 trillion. This bill is nothing more than a massive expansion of the socialist welfare state. It will not lift Americans out of poverty, but put more people on the government’s teat.

But because Democrats control both chambers, there is a chance they can pass this economy-destroying bill. They need every Senate Democrat, however, to vote to pass it. Just one senator mutinying and all is lost.

And now, a senator from West Virginia is standing up to Biden and his socialist buddies.

Sen. Joe Manchin… is roiling President Biden’s plan to secure a quick win on a $3.5 trillion spending plan by calling for Congress to “hit the pause button” on liberals’ top agenda item in Washington…

“I would ask my colleagues and all of the Senate to hit the pause button on the $3.5 [trillion],” Manchin said Wednesday. “Let’s sit back. Let’s see what happens. We have so much on our plate. We really have an awful lot. I think that would be the prudent, wise thing to do…”

Manchin doubled down on his position in a Wall Street Journal op-ed Thursday, saying Congress needs to show spending temperance…

“Yet some in Congress have a strange belief there is an infinite supply of money to deal with any current or future crisis, and that spending trillions upon trillions will have no negative consequence for the future. I disagree.” [Source: Just the News]

More Democrats should be voicing the same kinds of concerns that Manchin is expressing. The bill is much too expensive. It would raise inflation and taxes, a burden working and middle-class Americans can afford. Manchin also believes there is already “so much on our plate” as lawmakers and that they should pause this particular bill.

So, why is only one Democrat in the Senate speaking out? Politics, of course. Most Democrats are too afraid to defy Biden’s toxic agenda—even though his popularity is falling. They need to appear aligned with the face of the party, if they want its support going into 2022.

But Manchin? He comes from West Virginia, a state that went for Trump in both elections. The state is decidedly red. For some strange reason, they keep electing Manchin, though, a Democrat. He knows that if he wants to hold onto his seat, he needs to appear far more moderate than the greedy crooks in his party.

For that reason, and that reason alone, Manchin is standing up to Biden, Schumer, Pelosi and the rest of his corrupt party. If he simply votes along with the rest of them, not only is he dooming American prosperity, but he’s ensuring he’ll lose his seat to a conservative.

Not that the rest of the Democrats are safe. The midterms next year could completely reshape Congress, leaving many liberals in the dust. If they were smart, they’d try to follow Manchin’s lead.

But we all know, none of them are.

Author: Matthew Anderson