Biden’s Mandates On Thin Ice As SCOTUS Enters The Fight For Freedom

The moment Joe Biden announced his infamous, unconstitutional mandate, people rebelled. States, private businesses, and other institutions vowed to sue. And sue, they did. Countless lawsuits were launched against Biden’s mandate, which would jeopardize the jobs of over 100 million Americans.

Numerous states, AGs, and companies petitioned the Supreme Court after lower courts batted the decision back and forth. It appears liberal judges have let their partisan views color what should be an obvious decision, protecting the rights of the American people. But now, the highest court in the land will decide the fate of Biden’s dramatic overreach of executive authority.

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court announced that it would hear the challenge to the Biden administration’s vaccine or test mandate, scheduling oral arguments to commence on January 7, 2022…

The mandate, promulgated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), requires that all companies with 100 or more workers mandate COVID-19 vaccination or weekly testing and masking for employees. [Source: Daily Wire]

As we’ve said in the past, this issue goes beyond the current battle over COVID-19 rules. If Biden gets away with this gross violation of our rights, it will set a pattern future presidents will abuse even further. The next time we face a crisis, another president might erase our Second Amendment rights or even our First Amendment rights.

Who knows? If it is established that a president can make such drastic demands, all bets are off. The Supreme Court will have to decide if our Constitution allows a president to suddenly act like a dictator—when faced with a pandemic or other issue.

Clearly, it does not. Our Constitution was written with the obvious intent of limiting the power of the federal government. Presidents were never supposed to make sweeping rules that could affect 100 million Americans. The court has an important decision to make, one that could shape our country for years to come.

One lower court judge argued against the mandate, stating the Labor Department has never demanded workers receive a vaccine. It can require basic rules regarding safety on the job site, but those rules ceased to have an effect on the person, when they went home. Can OSHA dictate a medical procedure that cannot be “removed at the end of the shift”?

We can’t predict how the Supreme Court will rule. You might expect them to immediately reject Biden’s mandate, because the court has a 6-3 majority. But this should not be a partisan issue. The entire court needs to decide if Joe Biden has the power to do this. It must be a decision based on law, not politics.

It’s no secret how liberals would rule on this. But the court needs to set a strong precedent, so Biden can’t pull another trick down the road.

Author: Joe Sampson