Biden’s Latest Order Ensures Unlimited Democrat Power

Joe Biden is no stranger to signing Executive Orders, and his latest shows just how radical they can become. 

On Sunday, the 46th President signed an Executive Order easing voting restrictions for felons in prison or on probation. The Order essentially instructs the Attorney General office to facilitate voter registration for those serving in the Federal Bureau of Prisons. 

As part of the order, the Attorney General is must aid the prisoner in achieving any required identification needed to satisfy state voting laws.

Biden also requested the U.S. Marshals Service include language in its contracts to facilitate voting by mail and provide eligible criminals information on voting and voter registration.

Biden exploited one of America’s most tragic events – Bloody Sunday – to commemorate the signing of his new Order. In 1965, six hundred peaceful voting rights protestors were violently attacked by Selma police. Biden took full advantage of this tragedy. 

The violence on Bloody Sunday proved to a be a catalyst for passing the Voting Rights Act of 1965. 

Federal agencies are directed to expand voter registration and calls on heads of departs to give government employees time off to vote, or volunteer as “nonpartisan” poll workers. The order expands the scope of the federal government’s website as well. 

This order comes as Democrats seek to all-but destroy the entire democratic process here in the U.S. by passing House Resolution 1. The Democrat-majority house passed on Wednesday to a near-party line vote of 220-210.

The Republicans have railed against the legislation, warning Americans it will do nothing except interfere in the State’s right to facilitate their own elections. Democrats believe the bill merely expands voting rights to a larger group of people. 

The bill faces an uphill battle in the ultra-divided Senate. Conservative groups have launched a multi-million dollar campaign to persuade moderate Democrats into voting against the bill. 

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