Biden’s Latest Nominee Is All In For ‘Population Control’

What is it with Joe Biden picking the absolute worst people for his administration? Back when Trump was president, only the best and the brightest were considered for his staff. But Joe, possibly obeying the demands of the radical left, is selecting people who appear to be the absolute worst for the job.

We all know about his press secretary, who either knows nothing about the administration or can’t handle a simple question. Worse than her is Kamala Harris, a woman who has done bunk all as VP.

But then there are those folks Biden picks who appear to be opposed to the very goals of the agency he wants them to run. His current nominee for the ATF is a radical activist who loves gun control (and knows very little about how firearms work).

Now, it seems his pick to manage land is a kook environmentalist who once thought children were a threat to the planet.

Tracy Stone-Manning, President Joe Biden’s nominee to be director of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), described American children as an “environmental hazard” while advocating for slowing U.S. population growth in her 1992 graduate thesis…

Stone-Manning called for an advertising campaign to lessen procreation among Americans, ostensibly towards “environmental” ends. She produced a sample poster deriding a shirtless child as an “environmental hazard.”…

Biden’s nominee to head the BLM also composed a script for a 30-second video commercial to discourage American families from having more than “one or two” children. A female voiceover for the advertisement reads, “When we [Americans] have children, the planet feels it more. Do the truly smart thing. Stop at one or two kids.” [Source: Breitbart]

Woah. I couldn’t imagine a worse person to lead an agency like the BLM than this person. This woman appears to be such a radical environmentalist, she wanted an ad campaign to guilt Americans out of having kids.

She called “cute babies” an “environmental hazard.” She pushed a “one or two” child policy, the same kind of thing that is currently ruining communist China.

What can you say about a person whose views are in line with a corrupt regime that abuses and oppresses its people?

I don’t know, but you don’t put them in charge of managing land!

How is Biden so blind, so stupid to pick these kinds of people for his administration? Can you imagine what this woman will do, when put in charge of the BLM? She will try to force her radical, left-wing agenda through this agency. Businesses and private citizens will be forced to comply with extreme regulation, stripping them of their rights.

What if she makes good on her old thesis and tries to create an ad campaign discouraging children? Can you imagine Biden’s administration putting up posters, calling children evil?

I mean, he’s already in the crapper with most Americans. How will it look when he starts demanding we stop having kids!

All of Biden’s problems are his own doing. If he only started making wise decisions, things would go so much better for him.

But I don’t think that is possible.

Author: Rory McAvoy