Biden’s Latest Campaign Event Quickly Spirals Out Of Control

In an effort to keep his campaign alive, Joe Biden has been hosting various online events. Few of them have gone well. In a recent one, hosted by Yahoo News, the former vice president was forced to discuss the Tara Reade allegations. During his answer, he dropped a big goose egg on everyone.

It’s pretty sad that a national campaign like Joe’s can’t handle something simple as a livestream. Most of Joe’s recent events have been plagued with technical errors. A twelve-year-old can get online to play Fortnite with his friends, yet a man who wants to be president can’t handle a Zoom call.

Recently he appeared on a town hall handled by Yahoo News. I guess he thought an outdated search engine could better handle a livestream than his own campaign. During the interview, he was asked about Tara Reade. Once again, Joe refuses to provide evidence to clear his name. But he did make a bogus statement that defies reality.

During a town hall with Yahoo News on Tuesday, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden said that he hasn’t watched any of the interviews Tara Reade has done, women “should be presumed” to be telling the truth, and that, based on what he’s seeing online and in the media, “apparently, there’s a lot of other people who are wondering whether or not it happened.” [Source: Breitbart]

Oh, really? “A lot” of people are wondering if the alleged event didn’t happen? Do you mean Democrats?

Few people are ready to declare Biden innocent. Even mainstream media outlets have been hard on Joe for his lack of transparency during this scandal. Even the Washington Post and the New York Times are calling his defense into question.

Honestly, the only people “wondering” if the accusations are true or not are Biden’s own surrogates in the Democratic Party. People who are either trying to get Biden elected (because it’s their job) or people who hope to get a position in the administration should he win.

The only people trying to undermine Tara Reade’s story are the same people who once said we should “believe all women.” Democrats who claimed to be defenders of “all women” are now backtracking, trying to rewrite their own history on the subject. They are doing this to protect the man they hope can remove Trump from office.

Everyone else has serious concerns that Joe Biden sexually harassed one of his staffers.

What’s even odder is how Joe continues to waffle in his own defense. He says “it never ever happened,” yet he also says “every woman should be presumed that they” are telling the truth. Which one is it, Joe? A man defending his innocence doesn’t also say, “But we gotta believe the woman trying to ruin my life.”

His “a lot of other people” statement is also weird. He didn’t say, “a lot of people are now defending me.” Or, “a lot of people don’t think it happened.” He said a lot of people “are wondering whether or not it happened.”

That’s hardly an ironclad defense, Joe. You’re saying some people kind of, sort of, maybe might be questioning if it happened or not.

Shouldn’t an innocent man take a strong stand and declare, beyond a shadow of a doubt, “I DIDN’T do it!” Yet Joe is pointing to “a lot” of people who are just “wondering.”

Pretty weak, if you ask me. This isn’t a minor situation, as if Joe just stiffed a waiter of his tip or parked in a handicap spot. A man who wants to be president is facing credible accusations of sexual assault. And all we can get from Joe is, “well… um… some people are wondering.”

Not great. If the Democrats can’t do something about this, then they all need to pack it up and go home.

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