Biden’s Funding Source Leaks — Guess Who?

George Soros and his Open Society Foundation is pledging $20 million for a campaign to convince progressives to back Joe Biden’s radical Left infrastructure bill.

Soros’ dark money donations are likely to spur a necessary call to action for Left-Wing activists and politicians who may be weary of Biden’s initial $2 trillion-plus infrastructure plan, demanding more money for the project.

Later this month Biden is set to reveal a second part of his overall proposal, which would have a broader focus on “social welfare programs” (socialism) — funding for Obamacare, the free elder care, universal community college, and major spending to combat “climate change.”

Soros plants to invest $20 million as a catalyst for nearly $100 million in supplemental funding from other Leftist donors to help encourage support for Biden’s plan.

The Open Society hopes to inspire progressive grassroots groups to lead the charge. Soros funded the same groups during Trump’s presidency in an effort to to derail all legislation proposed by the Former President.

The funding for the campaign comes just as Biden’s relationship with the progressive wing is at a standstill. The Far-Left ‘Squad’ Democrats have routinely railed against many of the President’s proposals, yet has remained silent on the ongoing border crisis.

Leader of the ‘Squad,’ AOC, is demanding Biden spend at least $10 trillion on his infrastructure package. However, with such a heavy price tag, Biden runs the risk of alienating moderate Democrats as many oppose the hefty tax increase used to fund the endeavor.

Republicans have signaled an all-out refusal to get on board with Biden’s infrastructure plan.

This, however, has not deterred Biden officials, who have said they are determined not to moderate their ambitions too much.

Author: Sebastian Landis

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